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In the year 2011 the Brand Research Laboratory had the honor of hosting the following international researchers as “Swarovski Guest Professors”.

Brand Venture V schouten-martin2

Prof. John Schouten and Prof. Diane Martin

"The Evolution of a Consumption Community: Lessons from the Harley-Davidson Experience”

Lecture: 20.10.11
Workshop: 21.10.11

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Brand Venture IV Jill Avery

Prof. Jill Avery

"Managing the Dynamics of Consumer-Brand Relationships"

Lecture: 30.06.11
Workshop: 01.07.11

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Brand Venture III tellis


Prof. Gerard Tellis

"Does Online Chatter Matter to Marketers?"

Lecture: 19.05.11
Workshop: 20.05.11

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Brand Lab Guest humphreys

Prof. Ashlee Humphreys

Brand Lab Guest cornwell Prof. Bettina Cornwell  
Brand Lab Guest Hellmann Prof. Kai-Uwe Hellmann  
 Brand Venture II

Prof. Eric J. Arnold

"Building Luxury Legitimacy through the Store"

Lecture: 13.01.11
Workshop: 14.01.11

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