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Throughout the academic year, the Brand Research Laboratory welcomes six international researchers as “Swarovski Guest Professors”. These eminent scholars carry inspiring insights from fields such as biology, religion or management to Innsbruck and discuss their potential implications for branding with students, professors, and practitioners. Swarovski Guest Professors also advance international research with resident scholars and enhance Austria’s leading Master Program in Multi-Cultural Branding with lectures and seminars.


Brand Venture IX  Kotler


Prof. Philip Kotler


12.11.2012 (Montag) ,Workshop 9.00-12.00 SoWi, Fakultätssitzungssaal, 3.Stock Ost. “Tomorrow Will be Different: Marketing in a Changing Environment”


12.11.2012 (Montag) Lecture  18.30h SoWi, Aula. “Moving toward Marketing 3.0: The new marketing in the cultural, spiritual and collaborative spheres”



Brand Venture VIII MichaelvBrück

Prof. Michael von Brück

28.06.2012. Lecture. 18:30h im HS 3, SoWi
Prof. Michael von Brück on "In Search of (Brand) Identity between the Ordinary and the Distinctive”.

29.06.2012, 09:00-12:00h. Workshop. SoWi, Marketing Spitz, 3. Stock Ost.

Prof. Michael von Brück on “Balancing the Ordinary and the Distinctive”


Brand Venture VII

Prof. Rupert Sheldrake

"Morphic Resonance and the Fields of Body and Mind”

Lecture: 26.04.2012
Workshop: 27.04.2012

Brand Lab Guest Caroline Wiertz

Prof. Caroline Wiertz

“Governance, Free-Riding, and the  Long-Term
Sustainability of a Virtual Peer-to-Peer Problem
Solving Community”

Brown Bag Talk: 07.02.2012, 12:30h
Reflections on Theory: 15.02.2012, 17:00h

Brand Venture VI

Prof. Diego Rinallo  

"Branding as Magic"

Lecture: 12.01.12
Workshop: 13.01.12

Brand Lab Guest Heiko

 Prof. Heiko Hosomi Spitzeck

"Developing Humanism in Management"

Brown Bag Talk: 10.01.12
Master Course: 17.+19.01.12

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