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Our Brand Venture Talks bring the best and most well-known researchers from the Top Universities of the world to Innsbruck to enhance knowledge and inspire students, practitioners and our local academic community with insights into and around brands and their audiences.

The Brand Ventures offer practitioners inspiring new ideas, a state-of-the-art knowledge update, a space for networking, and an intellectual outbreak from everyday routines. Students gain extracurricular insights and the opportunity to personally meet with reputed marketing professionals and academics. 


Cristel Russell


Brand Venture XXVII mit Cristel Russell

zum Thema

THE BRAND BACKSTORY : (whether, where and what to) SHOW AND (to whom, by whom and how to) TELL

am Montag, 29. April 2024 um 18:00 Uhr

im HS 3, SOWI- Gebäude, Universitätsstraße 15



Companies often open their doors to the public to show and tell their story. Using fieldwork, museum exhibit data and practitioner interviews with firms and surrounding cultural institutions, we identify the various functions of these brand backstories.  This analysis identifies ‘power’ tools that serve in the construction and deployment of brand backstory narratives. These tools can be strategically deployed to alter the focalization or perspective as inward (insider) or outward (outsider) and the landscape or content orientation as either consciousness (why) or action (how) of the backstory based on the backstory’s primary function and targeted audience. These two dimensions yield a typology of backstory experience that maps four backstory functions: organizational identity, socialization, archival, performance. These dynamics reveal how to strategically develop and deploy the narrative power of brand backstories.



Brand Venture XXVII mit Prof. Cristel Russell am 29. April 2024


Past Brand Ventures 



Brand Venture XXVI


Prof. Johanna Gollnhofer

Brand Heritage - wie Markenloyalität vererbt wird

Lecture: 19. 01. 2024


Brand Venture XXV


Prof. Joonas Rokka

Atmospheres, bubbles, and effervescence! What makes up compelling experiences?

Lecture: 23. 06. 2023



Brand Venture XXIV



Prof. Hans Baumgartner 

I’m lovin’ it - The intergenerational transmission of brand love

Lecture: 24. 01. 2020

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Brand Venture XXIII



Dr. Katharina Husemann

"Consumer Deceleration – The Growing Business of Helping Customers Slow Down"

Lecture: 07. 06. 2019

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Brand Venture XXII gulnur


Prof. Gulnur Tumbat

"Branding Life Risk - The Mount Everest Experience"

Lecture: 25. 01. 2019


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Brand Venture XXI Fournier


Prof. Susan Fournier

"Managing Person Brands"

Lecture: 22. 06. 2018 


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Brand Venture XX  Cova


Prof. Bernard Cova

"The Social Life of Brands"

Lecture: 15. 12. 2017

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Brand Venture XIX  


Prof. Miguel Brendl

"Improving Negative Brand Image"

 Lecture: 09. 06. 2017 


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Brand Venture XVIII  eileen-fischer


Prof. Eileen Fischer

"Cobranding Alliances between Product and Person Brands"  

Lecture: 25. 10. 2016


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Brand Venture XVII

Adam Arvidsson


Prof. Adam Arvidsson

"Brands on Social Media. Do People Really Care?"

Lecture: 20. 5. 2016


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Brand Venture XVI



Prof. Marcel Zeelenberg

"Towards an Economic Psychology of Greed"

Lecture: 22. 01. 2016

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Brand Venture XV 



Prof. Torsten Ringberg

"Improving a Powertool Brand by Accessing the Subconscious Minds and Subculture of Tradesmen"

Lecture: 19. 06. 2015


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Brand Venture XIV


Prof. Giana Eckhardt

"The Rise of Inconspicuous Brands“

Lecture: 14. 11. 2014



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Brand Venture XIII 

Zachery Estes


 Prof. Zachary Estes

"Attractive and effective brand elements“

Lecture: 04. 04. 2014


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 Brand Venture XII Rob Kozinets

Prof. Robert Kozinets

"Social Media Understanding and Small Data"

Lecture: 08. 11. 2013.

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Brand Venture XI BV XI


Brand Lab Researchers

"Skulpturen und Gerüchte – eine Markengeschichte in drei Akten“ - Die Essenz aus 4 Jahren Forschung am Brand Lab Innsbruck

Lecture: 11. 06. 2013


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 Brand Venture X pauwels

Prof. Koen Pauwels

31. 01. 2013. Lecture: "The Cure for Schizophrenic Marketing: Allocating Marketing Budgets Based on the Full Consumer Journey”

01. 02. 2013. Workshop: “How to Measure and Improve Return on Marketing Investment”

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 Brand Venture IX kotler  Prof. Philip Kotler

12. 11. 2012. Workshop. “Tomorrow Will be Different: Marketing in a Changing Environment”

12. 11. 2012. Lecture. “Moving toward Marketing 3.0: The new marketing in the cultural, spiritual and collaborative spheres”

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Brand Venture VIII


Prof. Michael von Brück

"In Search of (Brand) Identity between the Ordinary and the Distinctive"

Lecture: 28. 06. 12

Workshop:29. 06. 12

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Brand Venture

Prof. Rupert Sheldrake

"Morphic Resonance and the Fields of Body and Mind"

Lecture: 26. 04. 12
Workshop: 27. 04. 12

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Brand Venture

Prof. Diego Rinallo 

"Branding as Magic"

Lecture: 12. 01. 12
Workshop: 13. 01. 12


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Brand Venture

Prof. Johan Schouten and Prof. Diane Martin

"The Evolution of a Consumption Community: Lessons from the Harley-Davidson Experience

Lecture: 20. 10. 11
Workshop: 21. 10. 11

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Brand Venture IV avery

Prof. Jill Avery

"Managing the Dynamics of Consumer-Brand Relationships"

Lecture: 30. 06. 11
Workshop: 01. 07. 11


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Brand Venture III tellis

 Prof. Gerard Tellis

"Does Online Chatter Matter to Marketers?"

Lecture: 19. 05. 11
Workshop: 20. 05. 11

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 Brand Venture II arnould

Prof. Eric J. Arnold

"Building Luxury Legitimacy through the Store"

Lecture: 13. 01. 11
Workshop: 14. 01. 11

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 Brand Venture I & Grand Opening levy

Prof. Sidney J. Levy

"Researching the Brand – Theory and Application"

Lecture: 02. 12. 10
Workshop: 03. 12. 10

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