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SpaSc_EngSparkling Science is a research program of the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy (BMWFW) which adopts an unconventional way in the promotion of young scientists. Researchers at the university work side by side and on an equal footing with pupils on current research questions.


Pupils and teachers of two fourth classes at the HTL Anichstraße and the HLT Bludenz are equal partners in the project PEARL.


Logo HLTBludenz Tourisms Schools

Schillerstraße 10

A - 6700 Bludenz

director: Mag. Klaus Mähr
responsible teacher: Mag. Dagmar Wlcek


Logo HTLHigher Technical School Anichstr. Innsbruck

Anichstr. 26-28

A - 6020 Innsbruck

director: Mag. Günther Laner
responsible teacher: Dr. Michael Weiß


Dissemination Board

Following persons help to disseminate the project outcomes within the scientific community, the teacher educations as well as the interested public.

Univ. Prof. Dr. Michael Stock

Institute director at the Institute of Business Education at the Karl-Franzens-University Graz

Universitätsstraße 15/G1
A- 8010 Graz

University Graz

Dr. Regine Mathies

Institute director at the Institute of Vocational Training at the Padagogical University Tyrol

A- 6020 Innsbruck


MinR Mag. Katharaina Kiss

Director of the department for lower and upper secondary schools at the Federal Ministery of Education and Women

Minoritenplatz 5
A - 1014 Wien


Mag. Hansjörg Rauth

Division Manager "Förderservice" at the Chamber of Commerce Tyrol

Egger-Lienz-Straße 116
A- 6020 Innsbruck

WK Tirol

Advisory Role

Dr. Markus Ammann

scientific staff at the Faculty of Teacher Education (University of Innsbruck)

Innrain 52
A- 6020 Innsbruck

Faculty of Teacher Education , Universität Innsbruck

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