PEARL project-team

Annette OstendorfUniv. Prof. Dr. Annette Ostendorf

Annette Ostendorf is professor of business education at the University of Innsbruck since 2006.

Her special research focus is being placed on the opportunities and challenges of the connectivity between theoretical and practical periods within vocational education and trainings.

Since 2008 she is directing the Institute of Organisation and Learning at the Faculty of Business and Management University of Innsbruck

Bettina DimaiDr. Bettina Dimai

In addition to her scientific participation in the Sparkling Science project  PEARL, Dr. Bettina Dimai is an independent consultant for change- and development processes and a lector in different higher education institutions.

As a long-term scientific assistant at the Institute for Organization and Learning she achieved your doctorate on the topic „Innovations within Schools: An Actor-Network Approach“.

Besides her scientific and practical orientated interests in learning- and development processes, Bettina Dimai is also engaged in the quality discourse within educational organizations.


Christin EhrlichMag. Christin Ehrlich

After passing the high school diploma, Christin Ehrlich served an apprenticeship at a Bavarian credit union. Following that, she studied Management and Economics as well as Business Education at the University of Innsbruck.

Since April 2014 she works as an assistant at the department of organization and learning in the field of business education. The focus of her teaching here is on the vocational education management. The interest of scientific research concerns in particular learning processes in vocational settings. Since January 2015 she is engaged in the project PEARL and therefore she addresses aspects of vocational learning of pupils from the HTL and HLT in terms of industrial internships.

Besides the scientific activities at the University of Innsbruck, she is also employed at a Bavarian credit union at the HR department where the field of responsibility is located in the staff management as well as the employee development.

HannesMag. Hannes Hautz, MSc

Hannes Hautz graduated in Business Education from the University of Innsbruck in the beginning of 2015. His Master’s thesis dealt with the concept of quality in Vocational Education and Training  from a discourse analytic perspective. Prior to that, he studied Business Economics with a focus on International Taxation and Auditing also at the University of Innsbruck.

In 2014 Mr. Hautz worked as a student assistant at the research project ‚Quality in Vocational Education and Training – A Dispositive Analysis‘ at the Institute of Organisation and Learning with Dr. Michael Thoma. Since March 2015 he is a member of the PEARL project-team. In addition to his scientific activities he is engaged in the field of informal education at the Youth Information Centre Tirol, where he operates as speaker and trainer for gender sensitive vocational orientation and safer internet use among other tasks.

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