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The University of Innsbruck has a long history dating back as far as 1669, the year it was founded. Sustainable academic and social values are the foundation for carrying out its mandate of having an impact on society.

The University of Innsbruck is the main university for the Tyrol, South Tyrol, Vorarlberg and the Principality of Liechtenstein and aims at promoting and facilitating a lively exchange between science and the public. Within the framework of several activities the University demonstrates the responsibility it takes on for the society of the region by bringing research, teaching and administrative functions closer to the general public.

For information on current events have a look at the event calendar of the Innsbruck Universities.


International cultural centres offer diverse events:


The University of Innsbruck also accommodates public museums, archives and a Botanical Garden:


The University and Provincial Library (ULB) offers a comprehensive collection of literature.


The University Sports Institute Innsbruck (USI) offers a wide variety of sports programs.


Members of the University – students and professors alike – are welcome to participate in the University Orchestra, University Choir or the Uni-Big-Band with regular concerts being held for the general public:


The University also offers an exciting program for children and teenagers, where they become acquainted with the fascinating world of research and science both theoretically and practically.

Following the principle of lifelong learning, the University of Innsbruck provides continuing education and training courses in all the fields taught at the University.

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