Courses taught by Katherine Dormandy

Courses at the Innsbruck University since 2018

SS 2024, WS 2023/24, SS 2023, WS 2022/23, SS 2022, WS 2021/22, SS 2021, WS 2020/21, SS 2020, WS 2019/20, SS 2019, WS 2018/19, SS 2018

Ryerson University, Ontario, Canada

Winter 2021 Class Visit in the Course Philosophy of Religion by Prof. K.J. Kraay

Innsbruck University

Winter 2017/18 Foundational Texts in Social Epistemology [Grundlegende Lektüre in der sozialen Erkenntnistheorie] Knowledge and Power [Erkenntnis und Macht]

Spring 2017 Contemporary Philosophy of Religion [Grundfragen der aktuellen Religionsphilosophie]

Winter 2015/16 Epistemic Injustice [Epistemische Ungerechtigkeit]

Spring 2015 Faith and Thinking [Glauben und Denken]

Edinburgh University

MOOC (Online-Lecture) on “Intellectual Humility”, filmed März 2016, available from 2017: “Resolving Religious Disagreements: Bias and Evidence.”

Humboldt University of Berlin

Winter 2013/14 Probabilistic Reasoning in Epistemology [Wahrscheinlichkeitstheoretisches Denken in der Erkenntnistheorie]

Winter 2013/14 Argument and Language [Argumentation und Sprache]

Oxford University (2007-2010)

Tutorials on:

  • Early Modern Philosophy (Wycliffe Hall)
  • Introductory Logic (Wadham College, Merton College, Oriel College)
  • Logic and Language (Wycliffe Hall)
  • General Philosophy (St Benet’s Hall)
  • General Philosophy (Merton College)
  • Knowledge and Reality (St Benet’s Hall)

(Note: Tutorials are the standards form of instruction in Oxford and consist of the weekly discussion of student essays or logic homework.)

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