Activities of Katherine Dormandy

Awards and Funded Projects

In Preparation: Grant Proposal on Trust and Epistemic Authority. [more]

Erika-Cremer Grant for the research project “Religious Disagreement in a Pluralistic Age”, March 2018

Project Leader, “Emuna: Evidence and Religious Belief”, Lise-Meitner Grant (Austrian Science Fund - FWF), 2016-2018.

Member of the Interdisciplinary Project, „Religious Diversity,“ (John Templeton Foundation), Sankt-Georgen University, Frankfurt, 2016-2018.

Member of the international Doctoral Research Group in Philosophy of Religion (Innsbruck University), from 2017.

Analysis Bursary for Participation in the Society for Women in Philosophy UK Mentoring and Networking Conference, York University, 2015.

Grant Winner, “Intellectual Humility” Project, Saint Louis University, 2015.

Group Leader, “Reasons and Religious Belief,” (John Templeton Foundation), 2011-2013.

Conference Organization

7.-8. Nov. 2019 Co-organizer of the conference Liminale Existenzen. Wissenschaftlerinnen gestalten philosophische und theologische Räume. University of Innsbruck. [more]

21-22 Mar. 2018 Co-organizer of the Workshop with Catherine Elgin, University of Innsbruck.

15-16 Dec. 2016  Sole organizer of the conference Philosophical Dimensions of Trust, University of Innsbruck.

14-15 Mar. 2013 Co-organizer of the conference Reasoning from Different Religious Perspectives Catholic Academy of Berlin.

Professional Service and Other Memberships

Member of the Advisory Board for the Series Philosophical Analysis, De Gruyter. [more]

Referee for Synthese, American Philosophical Quarterly, Topoi, Analytic Theology, European Journal for Philosophy of Religion, TheoLogica (in Spanish).

Chair of “Sophia forscht”, the women’s research network at the Theology and Philosophy Departments of the University of Innsbruck.

Member of the Interdisciplinary Research Platform “Synagoge und Kirchen” [“Synagogue and Churches”] at the University of Innsbruck

Professional Associations: British Philosophical Association, American Philosophical Association (APA), Society for Women in Philosophy (SWIP) UK, Society for Women in Philosophy (SWIP) Germany, Gesellschaft für Analytische Philosophy (GAP), Deutsche Gesellschaft für Philosophie (DGPhil), Österreichische Gesellschaft für Philosophie (ÖGP)

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