Publications of Katherine Dormandy

Monograph in preparation

Faith in Evidence.

Edited Volumes

Trust in Epistemology, Routledge University Press, 2019.

Applied Ontology: An Introduction (edited by Katherine Munn [Dormandy] and Barry Smith), Berlin: De Gruyter, 2013.

Articles and Book Chapters

Epistemic Phariseeism. Religious Studies (2022), online first.

True Faith: Against Doxastic Partiality about Faith (in God and Religious Communities) and in Favor of Evidentialism. Lead Article in Australasian Philosophical Review, 5 (1), S. 4-28.

The Doxastic Norms of Faith: Reply to Commentators. Australasian Philosophical Review, 5 (1), 104-115.

Loving truly: An Epistemic Approach to the Doxastic Norms of Love. Synthese volume 200, Article number: 218 (2022). Part of the topical issue “New Directions in Social Epistemology”.

The Loyalty of Religious Disagreement. In: Matthew A. Benton and Jonathan L. Kvanvig (eds.), Religious Disagreement and Pluralism, Oxford University Press, 2021, 238-270.

Epistemic Self-Trust: It’s Personal. Episteme, online-first.

Digital whiplash: The case of digital surveillance. In: Human Affairs, 30/4 (2020), 559-569.


True Faith: Against Doxastic Partiality about Faith (in God and Religious Communities) and in Defense of Evidentialism. In: Australasian Philosophical Review, forthcoming, 2020 [invited paper to be published with comments and replies].

Widerspruch von den Rändern. Die Erkenntnistheorie religiöser Marginalisierung. In: Gäb, Sebastian: Religion und Pluralität. Stuttgart [u.a.]: Kohlhammer, 2020, 53 - 84. German version of Disagreement from the Religious Margins, In: Res Philosophica, 95/3 (2018), 371-395.

Humility and Trust. In: Mark Alfano, Michael P. Lynch, Alessandra Tanesini (eds.), The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Humility, Routledge,  2020, 292-302.

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Introduction: An Overview of Trust and Some Key Epistemological Applications. In: Katherine Dormandy (ed.), Trust in Epistemology, Routledge, 2019, 1-40. DOI: 10.4324/9781351264884

Exploitative Epistemic Trust. In: Katherine Dormandy (ed.), Trust in Epistemology, Routledge, 2019, 241-264. DOI: 10.4324/9781351264884

Evidentialism [in German: Evidentialismus]. In: Martin Grajner and Guido Melchior (eds.), Handbook of Epistemology [Handbuch der Erkenntnistheorie], Metzler, 2019, 178-186.

"In Abundance of Counsellors There is Victory": Reasoning about Public Policy from a Religious Worldview. In: Peter Jonkers, Oliver Wiertz (eds.), Religious Truth and Identity in an Age of Plurality, Routledge, 2019, 162-181.

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Religious Disagreement [in German: Religiöser Dissens]. In: Georg Gasser und Klaus Viertbauer (eds.) Handbook of Analytic Theology  [Handbuch für Analytische Religionsphilosophie], Metzler, 2019.

Does Epistemic Humility Threaten Religious Beliefs? In: Journal of Psychology and Theology, First Published November 15, 2018, DOI: 10.1177/0091647118807186.

Disagreement from the Religious Margins, In: Res Philosophica, 95/3 (2018), 371-395. Runner-up Res Philosophica Essay Prize 2017: New Frontiers in Philosophy of Religion.

Evidence-Seeking as an Expression of Faith, In: The American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 92/3 (2018), 409-428, DOI: 10.5840/acpq2018514154.

Resolving Religious Disagreements: Evidence and Bias. In: Faith and Philosophy, 2018, 56-83. DOI: 10.5840/faithphil201812697.

The Rationality of Religious Belief [in German: 'Die Rationalität Religiöser Überzeugungen']. In:  Georg Gasser, Ludwig Jaskolla, and Thomas Schärtl (eds.), Handbook of Analytic Theology [Handbuch für Analytische Theologie], Aschendorff, 2017.

Epistemic Authority: Preemptive Reasons or Proper Basing? In: Erkenntnis, 83 (2018), 773791. DOI: 10.1007/s10670-017-9913-3

Review of J. Seachris and S. Goetz, God and Meaning (Bloomsbury 2016). In: Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, 2017.

Doctrine or Discourse? Does Religious Disagreement Promote Knowledge? [in German: 'Doktrin oder Diskurs? Fördern religiöse Verschiedenheiten die Erkenntnis der Wahrheit?']. In: Monika Datterl, Wilhelm Guggenberger, Claudia Paganini (eds.), Faith and Politics in a Pluralistic World [Glaube und Politik in einer pluralen Welt], Innsbruck: Innsbruck University Press, 2017, S. 111 - 129.

Argument from Personal Narrative. A Case Study of Rachel Moran’s Paid For: My Journey Through Prostitution, In: Res Philosophica 93/3 (2016), 601-620.

Religious Evidentialism [winner, Paternoster Young Philosopher of Religion Prize, 2010]. In: European Journal for Philosophy of Religion, Vol. 5, No. 2, summer 2013.

Counterfactual-Peer Disagreement. In: Christoph Jäger and Winfried Löffler(eds.), ­Epistemology: Contexts, Values, Disagreement, Frankfurt: Ontos, 2012.

Introduction: What is Ontology For? In: Katherine Munn [Dormandy] and Barry Smith (eds.), Applied Ontology: An Introduction, Frankfurt: Ontos, 2008.

Functions and Prototypes. In: G. Dodig-Crnkovic and S. Stuart (eds.), Computation, Information, Cognition: The Nexus and the Liminal, Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2007.

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Bodily Systems and the Spatial-Functional Structure of the Human Body (with Barry Smith and Igor Papakin). In: Medical Ontologies, ed. D. Pisanelli, Amsterdam: IOS Press, 2004.

Selected papers can also be found here.

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