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reading on about the UNISS days you should ask yourself:
Don't I have something better to do?
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old news

Last month of the project in Italy. I'm trying to safely land the START-project in Innsbruck but the runway looks a bit bumpy so I might need to emergency land in Vienna or parachute into Munich. I'm also losing hours, days and weeks trying to decide the exact size of constants for my new paper. Yes, I know they are only constants but try telling Captain Ahab that Moby Dick is just a whale.

Engaged in my second favourite pastime after proposal writing - flat searching. Between obsessively monitoring the flat web pages I rewrote the non-tight dl paper in a less hardcore mathy fashion and now I'm finally writing up the results for the convergence radius etc. of ITKM. Also I seem to have won my fight with the Austrian pension fund - btw I updated the photo to show all the wrinkles - and I got invited to Oberwolfach next August - happiness.

I cycled across the alps in two days, 5000m up, 200km distance, admitted I made Lorenzo carry the luggage including the notebook. Then I went to Rennes to overdose on crepes, calculate, proposal-write with Remi and try to nick one of his postdocs. Then I went back to Alghero via Paris-Beauvais, where the airport security people stole my 15 English key (combination wrench/spanner). They let all the more dangerous weapons, such as my bike-shoes and notebook, as well as tons of women with high-heels and a guy with crutches pass. I guess they were afraid I would start to unscrew the plane mid-flight.

XX - The countdown of doom has been stopped by a stroke of luck!
Well, maybe working like a dog also had a bit do with it or as Massimo pointed out: Karin it's logic, you wrote a paper with Holger and he got an ERC grant, you wrote a paper with Remi and he got an ERC grant, you wrote a paper with me and I got an ERC grant, now you wrote a paper with yourself, and you got a START grant, (if you are confused, scroll down to the Mar13 entry).
It also means that this will become a happy and productive website again and that I'll be looking for a postdoc and a phd student in autumn, details to come but feel free to spread the word.

11 - I started to pack dictionaries into the oblique manifold with Alex Jung, which is fun and has something to do with information theoretic bounds for dictionary learning, Alex knows the details. Also I started to play around with the blood glucose data, which of course is a mess, but got me to think about how to modify ITKM for incomplete data. All this in order to avoid a) writing up the results for the convergence radius etc. of ITKM and b) thinking about the up-coming rejection of projects and job applications.

12 - the one year countdown to unemployment without benefits starts this month. During this period the news-section will with overwhelming probability become increasingly bitter. I'll try to keep the whining to a bearable minimum. So the good news is that I started to talk with Valeriya Naumova about using dictionary learning for estimating blood glucose levels, which would be so cool... if it works.

Post-submission-depression! Interesting, I see a trend. Jobs and conferences - no depression, papers and grants - full depression. Must be the length as indicator for the amount of heart you poured into it. I will test the hypothesis with a 5 page workshop proposal... in June.


More grant proposal writing for survival (puke), but during procrastination I got a little bit closer to cracking K-SVD and improved ITKM, details coming.

The K-SVD paper has been accepted to ACHA! Get the official, unofficial or arXiv version. And I finally managed to write up the non-tight dl paper I started last May, from arXiv or from here, which is now called 'Local Identification of Overcomplete Dictionaries'. As part of the package I even assembled a zip.file of Matlab/Octave hacks to play around with the cheapest dictionary learning algorithm on the planet.

Sardinia has been deemed an exotic enough research destination to merit an article in the FWF- info magazin (page 52), for all those who speak German or want to look at the pretty pictures. Also I have been to the Matheon workshop on Compressed Sensing in Berlin, where I presented a poster and crocheted 2 hats.

Wow, I have rewritten the project, rewritten the K-SVD paper and rewritten 2 applications. Luckily now is the season that the kids start to be sick, so I still cannot do research.

Hurrah, the ksvd - dictionary learning paper was accepted with minor revisions. Unfortunately the reviewers actually ask for major revisions. In order to avoid project- and application-writing I will rewrite the whole thing and continue working on my sexy curves for the non-tight dictionary learning paper.

Project submitted but holidays pending. To increase my chances of having a job next year, I need to make another epsilon step and rewrite the project to submit it somewhere else and of course apply everywhere I'm half suited. Wonder when I'll have the time to actually do research again.

Aaargh right in the middle of project writing - can't live with it, can't live without it. Oh I'm so going to take holidays once this is submitted.

I won 750g of Toblerone for the best video abstract at SPARS. Considering that I was the only one who made a video, the hard part was not winning but convincing the organizers that there should be a prize, fully deserved I'd say. I also went to SampTA and found out that 2 weeks of conference in a row is not a good idea, all that networking is too hard on the liver.

I finished the theory part of the 'non-tight dl' paper, so all that is missing, is the decoration, ie. intro, sexy curves, etc. - highly motivating tasks => the SPARS-trailer is now up and running, and I decided to switch to latex for slides, not to worry Johnny Depp is already included.

Another year older ...the new paper 'learning non-tight dictionaries or so' is coming along well not nicely but sweatily. I made a hopefully entertaining trailer for the talk at SPARS, I still have to edit it though. To prepare in the meantime I recommend watching Ratatouille and reading some dictionary identification papers, e.g. ksvd, l1 or noisy l1.

All my conference papers got accepted and the FWF agreed to pay, hurray, that means one week of holiday in Bremen at SampTA13 and two weeks in Lausanne at SPARS13 and Enumath13 (these two weeks are an especially hard sacrifice :D). I'm allowed to talk about dictionary learning via K-SVD at all 3 of them, so if you don't want to read the paper, you have the chance July 4 at 18.10 in Bremen and July 9 at 14.50 in Lausanne.

Ajo, the K-SVD paper is almost finished, including final sample size results, just missing a sexy little graph. While running simulations and wondering about employment after the current project, I realised the following (WARNING: this is how to lie with statistics!): So far 3 of my co-authors (Holger, Remi, Massimo) have won ERC-Starting grants after writing a paper with me. That is 50% (Boris, Jan and Pierre have not won, ...yet). Conclusion, if you want to increase your chances, write me an email and we'll do a paper together :D.

Hello World, from bella sardegna! A big thanks to Florian at Ricam for letting me keep the homepage until the University of Sassari is getting organised.

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