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you have reached the RICAM days, I assume:
You really have nothing better to do.
You probably won't check out the research page before having read all the old news.

older news

Allegria, my project was accepted, so from 1st of October I'll be an Erwin Schrödinger research fellow at the Computer Vision Lab of the University of Sassari! (they are restructuring => no homepage at the moment)

As of this month I'm on maternity leave, until ???? My email address and this home-page should still be working for at least a year. If you want to be sure to reach me, try replacing by, also I'm trying hard to resurface at the Computer Vision Lab of the University of Sassari in autumn 2012.

I'm suffering, writing this proposal is turning me into a nervous wreck, also the project is growing more and more on me, so the 83% chances of rejection will hit me hard; obviously now that there is only one week left work piles up because the FoCM paper has come back with a lot of room for improvement, well one week to go then ICASSP, Prague, here I come.

The first poster of my life was put in the narrow space between the door and the copying machine, you can see it if you crawl on the machine, on a more positive note the nightmare paper was accepted to Rejecta Mathematica and will make the coolest entry on my publication list, time for Easter holidays.

Finished the mad scientist calculations, made the first poster of my life, decided to apply for a Marie Curie fellowship, read the instructions and almost jumped out of the window, over a hundred pages of legalese can do this to you.

Too much feel bad => no Banff :(, if only there was a train line...., on the other hand mad scientist calculations had partial success and the weather is sunnier.

Went to the SMALL Workshop, where amazingly I could follow all talks, personal highlight John Wright's talk, see here for the paper, back in Linz I'm vomiting a lot and doing mad scientist calculations about dictionary learning.

Still doubting about the paper, in the meantime I implemented the things in Matlab, so now I can look at colourful plots and be happy. And I actually have an idea about Dictionary Learning.

Should I write an extended version of the ICASSP paper or not? It's easy, CS plus Monte Carlo, but people have written papers for less, ...

I finally managed to install a new website! Jan and I submitted a paper to ICASSP with the wonderful title "Compressed Sensing for High-dimensional Sparse Functions", maybe I should go into advertising,...

Postsubmission depression, I will never ever find anything again, ... especially not if I continue not reading the paper I'm supposed to read.

We finished the function learning paper. Even if I don't deserve holidays, I went anyway, one week Monti Sibillini e Gran Sasso, one week Gargano.

Hello World! As threatened I have resurfaced at RICAM.

oldest news

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