Study Overview

Key Facts

There are many reasons to choose the diploma program International Economic and Business Studies (IWW):

Diploma Program

IWW is a 4-year diploma study program

Academic Degree

graduate degree "Magistra/Magister" (Mag.rer.soc.oec)

Admission Requirements

A-levels or equivalent


diploma thesis (international focus and foreign language possible)


two foreign languages are included in the study program: English is compulsory; and French, Italian, Spanish or Russian can be chosen as a second language.

Study Year Abroad

compulsory study year abroad at an acknowledged international non-German speaking university.

International Focus

courses in International Management, International Economics and International Law



Study Program IWW

The 4-year diploma study program International Economic and Business Studies (IWW) at the University of Innsbruck School of Management is offered in cooperation with the Faculty of Economics and Statistics.

The diploma study program IWW is divided into two parts each comprising four semesters. During the second part of the study program students have to study for one year at a foreign university in a non-German-speaking country.

After the introductory study and orientation phase the first part of the study program provides general introduction to management and economics as well as two foreign business languages. In addition, students have to complete modules in support areas such as business law, mathematics and statistics.

Modules in International Management and Economics as well as International Law are the core of the second part of the program. Individually selected specializations in management and economics, which can also be accomplished during the study year abroad, complete the study program.

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Study Program IWW

  A detailled course description of the IWW study program for the respective semester is listed in the following database: Detailed Course Description  

Introductory Study and Orientation Phase

The introductory study and orientation phase lasts one semester and aims at providing an overview of essential elements of the IWW study program and its subsequent course of study. The mandatory modules 'Introduction to Management' and 'Introduction to Economics' have to be completed (exams may only be repeated twice). Students with positive grades in these exams are eligible to participate in all other modules offered subsequently in the core areas of management and economics.   

Study Abroad

At the beginning of the second part of the study program students spend a compulsory year abroad at a university in a non-German speaking country. The courses and exams have to be completed in a foreign language.

Besides achieving professional and language qualifications, a study year abroad enables students to develop competences such as adaptability, teamwork as well as cultural tolerance, flexibility, independence, effective self-management and decision-making capabilities.

Students have the opportunity to apply for a study place from our pool of approximately 50 international acknowledged partner universities around the world, but are also permitted to apply as an exchange student at foreign universities on their own.

Jobs and Careers

The 4-year diploma study program International Economic and Business Studies prepares for successful entry to the international job market. Graduates acquire a sound international economic and business education and achieve core competences in the field of economic sciences. The compulsory year abroad at an acknowledged non-German speaking university aims to give students the opportunity to perform their studies in a different social and cultural environment. In addition, they enhance their foreign language skills, meet other cultures and acquire different management practices. These qualifications are especially appreciated by many employers.

Career opportunities for graduates range from entrepreneurial challenges in public and private enterprises to national and international research institutions. The list of vocational fields includes the branches marketing, controlling, management accounting, banking and finance, human resource management, strategic management and many more.

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