University Facilities

Erasmus students, once registered, will obtain a student identification card that grants them access to all the services of the University usually available to students.

STUDIA Book shops

In the university book shops STUDIA, Herzog-Siegmund-Ufer 15 (on the ground floor of the New Mensa) and SoWi, Universitätsstrasse 15 you can find a full range of academic literature and stationery.


Copy centers

The STUDIA offers copy cards, numerous copiers, specialised books, stationery:

  • Herzog-Siegmund-Ufer 15 (on the ground floor of the New Mensa)
  • Universitätstrasse 15
  • Technikerstrasse 13

Further copy machines can be found in the corridors of the university.


ISI - International Language Center

The International Language Centre (ISI)   is a service facility of the University of Innsbruck offering students of the University of Innsbruck a range of high quality language and inter-cultural courses.

  See our special information page on German language courses.

LFU:online - Student Account

With the LFU:online student account you have access to all your data, course registrations, exams, address, marks etc. With this account you enrol your course modules and register for final exams. For logging in at LFU:online you will get access data from the admission office when you register. LFU:online is available in German and English.


Mensa - Student Cafeteria

The University of Innsbruck has several student cafeterias offering lunch. The cost of a meal lies between € 4 and € 6. The SoWi-Lounge cafeteria is situated in the SoWi building, the Innsbruck School of Management.

Mensen - Student Cafeterias    

Sports Center - USI

Sports is an important part of life in Innsbruck. The University Sports Centre (USI, Fürstenweg 185, near the airport, bus F) offers various sporting facilities for students in over 60 sports. To take part in the courses you must enrol for each course. If you are interested you must fetch a reservation ticket (Platzkarte) as soon as possible before the courses are full. On this reservation ticket you find the date and exact time when you can enrol for the course you have chosen. Course costs vary between €11 and €22.

University Sports Centre Innsbruck (USI)   

University library

There is no charge for borrowing books at the University Library (Universitätsbibliothek) and it is open to all students. Only interlibrary lending services and exceeding the loan period are with costs. Students with a current student ID are entitled to use the library.

ULB - University Library   

The SoWi Faculty Library (library of the University of Innsbruck - Faculty of Business and Management) is organized as a reference library with only a restricted possibility of borrowing books. The computer-aided literature research programme, which is installed in the SoWi Faculty Library, enables access to various literature data bases in Austria.

SoWi Faculty Library     

WIFI and IT-center

Registered as a student at the University of Innsbruck, you can use all the computers in the computer-labs at all faculties. You will get your access data from the admission office when registering.

Computers for the use of students:

  • at the EDV-Subzentrum, Innrain 52, basement of the Geiwi-Tower, entrance in the passage behind the University car park
  • at the SoWi Faculty (Faculty of Business and Management), Universitätsstrasse 15
  • at the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture and
  • at the Faculty of Theology (Faculty library), Karl-Rahnerplatz 1

ZID - University Innsbruck IT-Center    

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