16.11.2021: Guest Lecture on the Conference on the Future of Europe and the Students' Contribution to it

Are you interested in the future of Europe? Then check out Prof. Alberto Alemanno's guest lecture on 16 November, connect with students from Trento and Bolzano/Bozen and bring your ideas on topics like climate change, digital transformation or migration to the Conference on the future of Europe!
CFE Poster

On 16 November 2021, prof. Alberto Alemanno will give a Guest Lecture on the Conference for the Future of Europe (CFE): "Releasing Europe’s democratic genie. What to expect from the Conference on the Future of Europe?"

Students and faculty from the universities of Trento, Innsbruck, and Bolzano as well as researchers at Eurac research will discuss the potential of the CFE, the participatory approach as well as the possibilities arising from it for European integration. The event is organized by the School of International Studies and will take place in Trento, the speaker and the other universities will be connected via video chat.

The lecture will be followed by a detailed explanation of the website set up by the European Union especially for the CFE (https://futureu.europa.eu/pages/getinvolved?locale=en), which is intended to enable broad participation in the discussion on the future of Europe, as anyone and everyone can submit their contributions on the future of Europe there.

This occasion and the existing euro-regional academic network should be used as a unique cross-border, cross-university and cross-disciplinary opportunity for students to express, develop and exchange ideas about the future of Europe. Accompanied by the professional expertise of faculty and researchers, the students will be enabled to work together autonomously on their ideas on topics such as climate change and the environment, digital transformation, work or migration in various groups structured according to the themes of the CFE.

The work on the individual topics shall be left to the creativity of the individual groups. After their presentation by the students, the results shall be submitted to the CFE via the website and in this way contribute to the debate at European level.

Students and researchers in Innsbruck and Bolzano will be able to connect via zoom:

ID riunione: 853 6941 9033
Passcode: 642730

The initiative is connected to a recent seminar in Innsbruck, part of the interdisciplinary Trento Innsbruck European Research Seminar (TIERS), funded by the Euregio Mobility Fund.

On the Conference on the Future of Europe (with/by Alberto Alemanno):

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Alemanno, Alberto, Releasing Europe’s democratic genie, Social Europe, 1st July 2021, https://socialeurope.eu/releasing-europes-democratic-genie

The Conference on the Future of Europe seen from a citizen’s perspective. A conversation with Alberto Alemanno (Podcast), https://eulawlive.com/podcast/the-conference-on-the-future-of-europe-seen-from-a-citizens-perspective-a-conversation-with-alberto-alemanno/


Biographical note:

Alberto Alemanno, Jean Monnet Professor in European Union Law & Policy at the HEC in Paris and one of the leading voices on the democratization of the European Union. He holds LL.M. from Harvard Law School and College of Europe, as well as a PhD in International Economic Law from Bocconi University. He is also the founder of the Good Lobby, a non-profit civic start up committed to equalizing access to power for more plural, inclusive and democratic society.


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