Sarah Lynn Flecke, MSc


PhD Candidate, Economics, Psychology
Research Associate, Department of Banking & Finance, Faculty of Business & Management
Research Center Innsbruck Decision Sciences

  +43 (0) 512 507 73008

  SOWI o.4.08

 Upon request


Research Interests

  • Pro-environmental behavior
  • Health behavior
  • Judgement & decision-making 

Publications & Working Papers

Work in Progress

  • Flecke, S. L., Aparicio, E., Malthouse, E., (2024). Encouraging people to set lower personal carbon budgets: anchoring is
    more effective than social reference groups.

  • Flecke, S. L. and Bachler, S., (2024). Conducting Real-Time Interactive Experiments on Prolific: A Guide for Researchers.

  • Private Solutions to Collective Action Problems: A Global Manylabs Project Across 38 Countries. Joint with the Collective
    Decision-Making and Culture Lab (2024)

Awards, Grants and Research Funding

  • 2023 Kaiserschild Advance: EUR 10,000 research grant for young researchers in Economic and Social Sciences
  • 2022- 2025 Doctoral research funding, University of Innsbruck and the Austrian Science Fund  (FWF)
  • 2011 Mellon Foundation: USD 2,000 foreign language research grant   


  2023 - present    

    PhD, Psychology, University of Innsbruck

  2022 - present

    PhD, Economics, University of Innsbruck

  2019 - 2020

    MSc, Cognitive and Decision Sciences, University College London, UK

  2009 - 2013

    BA, Economics and International Relations, Connecticut College, USA                                                                

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