Study at our Department

What does it mean to study? Our self-understanding is based on the premise that students are highly, intrinsically motivated, given their choice of the study program respectively the individual courses. Moreover, we expect them to be eager to lern, have a lot of questions, and intrested in working scientifically [more...]

Actual Courses

Our department offers a variety of courses for bachelor-, master-, and PhD-students. You can find a list of all of our courses with the  following link to LFU-Online
. Moreover, we have published a mandatory reading list for the bachelor's course in bank management, and provide exams from past semesters for the bachelor's course in financial management [more...]


For students who are interested in writing their thesis at our department, we have briefly summarized the necessary information. Moreover, you can find our guidelines for the preparation of your thesis in the linked article [more...]


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