Concluded Projects

Bragg-reflection waveguideIn our project on Entangled Photon Pairs from Semiconductor Waveguides we were able to exploit the large optical nonlinearities that the AlGaAs material platform offers via Bragg-reflection waveguides (BRWs). We have shown the capabilities of these devices in generating entangled photon pairs and achieved difference frequency generation with an on-chip quantum dot laser. The success of this project has allowed us to acquire funding for exciting follow-up research in the form of the UNIQORN, Beyond-C, IGUANA and another D-A-CH project. (read more...)

pillarsIn our project on microcavity polaritons we trap light in special semiconductor nanostructures to make it strongly interacting with electronic states in the GaAs-AlGaAs hetero structure. We investigate the opportunities to utilize these half-light, half-matter quasi-particles for generation of non-classical polariton states and quantum states of light (read more...)


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