Cave monitoring website relaunched

This may not strictly be associated with the KR9 conference, but it will certainly be of interest to many of its attendees. Christoph Spötl and Gina Moseley, along with Kathleen Johnson, Pauline Treble, and Dave Mattey have been working on a new-look, easy-to-use website, The website was first developed following the 2nd International Workshop of Cave Monitoring in Innsbruck, Austria. It is a web-based database of sites where cave monitoring has taken place for at least one year, and is intended as a platform to improve and coordinate research activities in the fields of cave meteorology, karst and speleothem science, and subterranean ecology. If you would like to add your site to the map, you will find a template that is quick and easy to complete under the Submit Data tab (note that at this stage we are not intending to have a data repository on the website).


Cave Monitoring



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