Sights and Landmarks

Welcome to Innsbruck – Welcome to Tyrol, "Land of mountains"!

Innsbruck is the capital city of Tyrol, one of nine federal states in Austria. Located in the Inn Valley and surrounded by snow-covered mountain ranges it is a city with a long history.

Innsbruck is an incomparable alpine metropolis, with its history, culture and city centre on the one hand, and his nature, mountains and rural flair on the other hand.

In the context of the Corpora & Discourse Conference 2024 we would like to present to you some sights of Innsbruck:


goldenes-dachlThe Golden Roof
(Photo: J. Tanaskovic)

Golden Roof

The Golden Roof is a landmark of the capital of the federal state of Tyrol, and was built in 1420. In 1500 Emperor Maximilian I (1459-1519) gave an order for the addition of an oriel, the roof of which is covered in 2,600 fire-gilded copper tiles.

goldenes-dachl-2View on the Golden Roof from the City tower
(Photo: C. Konecny)



The Helblinghaus 
(Photo: J. Tanaskovic)


The Helblinghaus (Hölblinghaus) was built in the late middle ages and decorated with an "icing-like" Rococo stucco in 1730 for which it is known. The building was named after Sebastian Helbling (Hölbling), who owned it from 1800 to 1827.


View on the Helblinghaus from the City tower
(Photo: C. Konecny)


stadtturmThe City tower
(Photo: J. Tanaskovic)

City tower

The City Tower was established between 1442 and 1450 as Guildhall Tower, and topped 100 years later with a cupola. 148 steps allow the way up to a wonderful view of the city and the mountain panorama.

stadtturm-3View from the City tower on the Cathedral of Innsbruck (St. James Cathedral) (Photo: C. Konecny)


claudianaThe Claudiana (Photo: E. Lavric)


Today the former governmental building is primarily used for event purposes and is home to several municipal and university offices and facilities. Under Princess Claudia de Medici the building was expanded with a hall in Renaissance style in the 17th century.

claudiana-2The Claudiana (Photo: E. Lavric)


annasaeule-1_bearbeitet_mittelThe Annasäule in South direction
(Photo: C. Konecny)

Annasäule (Anne's Column)

The Annasäule toweres above the middle of the Maria-Theresienstraße. The magnificent marble pillar commemorates the liberation from the Bavarian troops in 1703. The monument is named after the saint's day of Saint Anna on the 26th of July, on which the last Bavarian troops withdrew.

annasaeule-2_bearbeitet_mittelThe Annasäule in North direction to Nordkette
mountain range (Photo: C. Konecny)


thriumphpforte-3Southern side of the Thriumphal Arch
(Photo: C. Konecny)

Triumphal Arch

The Triumphal Arch is one of the most important and most impressive monuments of Innsbruck. It was built for the wedding of Archduke Leopold II and Maria Ludovica in 1765, and the southern side of the arch still reminds us of this event. The northern side however commemorates the death of Emperor Franz Stephan in the same year.

thriumphpforte-4Northern side of the Thriumphal Arch
(Photo: C. Konecny)

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