Centre for
Climate - Cryosphere and Atmosphere

The Research Center Climate – Cryosphere and Atmosphere at the University of Innsbruck constitutes an interdisciplinary platform with the goal to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange among scientists (‘members’) from many different research disciplines and organizational units.

        “Modified after Fairchild et al., Earth-Science Reviews 75 (2006) 105–153”

The interactions between climate on the one hand and the atmosphere and/or the cryosphere on the other hand are at the heart of the research center’s focus. Disciplinary research activities within each of those areas are of course equally relevant for the scope of the center.

More information on research projects in relation to climate, cryosphere and atmosphere at the University of Innsbruck can be found at the
web sites of the corresponding scientists/groups. 

An overview and an entry point is provided under ‘research activities’