Deep Retrofit of a Multi-Family House - Performance Analysis Based on Monitoring Data and by Means of Building Simulation

Bearbeiterin: Eleonora Leonardi

Betreuer: Fabian Ochs

The master thesis regards the building and HVAC simulations for the demo building in Ludwigsburg, within the framework of the European project iNSPiRe. Simulink and the toolbox CARNOT are used for the simulations. The demo building has four flats, one flat per floor. The focus of the thesis is the ground floor in which a micro-heat pump (kit developed within iNSPiRe) will be installed during the refurbishment and monitored after.

At first, the work will concentrate on the development, calibration and validation of the simulation model for the existing flat (before renovation). Then the micro heat pump and the renovation measures of the structures will be implemented in the simulation model of the flat. With this model, the performance of the micro heat pump, the energy demand and the comfort will be investigated through dynamic simulations by varying the boundary conditions, i.e. obtaining the influence of different set point temperatures, additional single room heater (e.g. electric radiator in bathroom) or of the temperature distribution between the rooms.

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