Measurement and Simulation of the Performance of a Façade-integrated MVHR with Micro Heat Pump

Bearbeiter: Dietmar Siegele

Betreuer: Fabian Ochs, Wolfgang Feist

Fertigstellung: 2015

Within the framework of the EU project iNSPiRe a façade-integrated micro heat pump is developed. The micro heat pump uses the exhaust air from a mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery as the source to heat the supply air (supply air heating).

In the framework of this Master’s thesis, the efficiency of such a façade-integrated micro heat pump and the ventilation unit with heat recovery is measured in a PASSYS (Passive Solar Systems and Component Testing) cell. In addition, the physical building parameters will be investigated, in particular the influence on the U-value of the building envelope due to the façade integration. The PASSYS test cells allow the installation of components with dimensions up to 2.75 m / 2.75 m. With the measurement results, an energy balance of the test cell and the test component can be created.

In this work, various sensors, such as thermo couples, Pt100, humidity sensors (SHT 75) and differential pressure sensors and measurement system components from National Instruments (CompactRIO) are used.

The evaluation of the measured results is done in Matlab. For the determination of the U-value of the façade a so-called R-C model is created, which depicts the thermal behavior of the structure with resistors and capacitors. Using the Matlab Optimization Toolbox and a range of test results these unknown resistances and capacitances can be determined and validated.

The determination of the efficiency of heat recovery and the micro heat pump is done in a conventional way by measuring the temperature and humidity in supply air, extract air, ambient air and the exhaust air and the measurement of the volume flows.

Finally, a physical heat pump model and a ventilation model with heat recovery, which has been developed in the framework of the EU project iNSPiRe, is calibrated and validated using the measured parameters.



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