Occupant-centric Building Systems and Control Strategies

Bearbeiterin: Vincent van Karsbergen

Betreuer: Rainer Pfluger


Research objectives
In this work, the gap between building control strategies and their effectiveness for usercentric comfort and energy efficiency is addressed. The main research question is:

How can we further improve user comfort and energy efficiency by integral, occupantcentric building control strategies considering both thermal and visual comfort criteria as well as maximizing energy efficiency?


  1. How energy efficient is integral OCC in office buildings compared to today’s conventional standards?
    • What is needed to simulate integral OCC for open plan offices?
    • How can user comfort / satisfaction be measured in a consistent way?
    • Which office and zoning types should be addressed for optimal OCC of day and artificial lighting?
  2. How can we implement OCC in the planning process of a real building?
    • How can we incorporate OCC strategies in early design phase building energy performance simulations (BEPS)?
    • How can we guarantee flexibility in case of e.g. reordering the office configurations?
    • Which parameters need to be considered in order to be able to further optimize OCCs in the future with respect to current building system development trends?

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