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Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Christian Quendler

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Mag. Mag. Dr. Cornelia Klecker

Sabine Sanoll

Geiwi-Turm, 3. Stock, Raum 40311
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Presentation: Innsbruck University Movie Database (IUMD)

The IUMD is a meta-search engine that enables a film search in all media collections of the Faculty of Language, Literature and Culture and the University Library Innsbruck (ULB) and covers almost the entire stock of films that can be checked out by teachers and students at the University of Innsbruck. IUMD searches the holdings of the following archives: Sonja Bahn Video Archive of the Department of American Studies, Media Collection of the Department of English Studies, Media Archive of the Department of Slavic Studies, ULB Innsbruck (including the film holdings of the Department of Romance Studies, the Innsbruck Newspaper Archive and the Faculty of Theology).

During the presentation, Christian Quendler (Department of American Studies) and Eva Binder (Department of Slavic Studies) will offer a brief insight into the history of these media archives and pay tribute to important pioneers of university AV collections. Afterwards, Raphael Unterweger, the developer of the metasearch engine, will introduce the IUMD.

May 25, 2023| HS 6 | 5:15 pm

Screeing of Brainwashed: Sex - Camera - Power and Audience Discussion

A special preview screening of Nina Menkes’ documentary Brainwashed (2022) will take place at Leokino in Innsbruck. Menkes’ documentary uses clips and scenes from around 200 films to illustrate how women have been objectified by the male gaze across cinema history from Vertigo to Lost in Translation. It features interviews with prominent women filmmakers, actors, and film theorists. The screening will be followed by an audience discussion with Katherine Dahlquist-Bauer (Comparative Literature) and Ben Robbins (Department of American Studies, University of Innsbruck).

May 24, 2023| Leokino | 8 pm

Literary Quartet

This semester's Literary Quartet organized by the Department of English will take place on May 24. Anja Hartl (Dept. of English), Christoph Singer (Dept. of English), Ulla Ratheiser (Dept. of English), and Sandra Tausel (Dept. of American Studies) will discuss  four novels: Natasha Brown, Assembly; Jonathan Coe, Bourneville; Gabriela Garcia, Of Women and Salt; and Ingrid Persaud, Love After Love

May 24, 2023| Studiabuchhandlung (Innrain 52) | 7 pm | Free admission

Project Presentation: "Queer Exile Literature and the Island of Capri" by Ben Robbins

Ben Robbins (Department of American Studies) will offer an introduction to his research project on “Networked Narratives: Queer Exile Literature 1900-1969,” which is funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF). The event is organized by the university research centre Cultures in Contact (KiK). Robbins will particularly focus on Anglophone writers who relocated to Capri in the early decades of the twentieth century, a period when many queer men and women left Northern Europe and the United States due to the criminalization of homosexuality. The lecture will be followed by a discussion.

May 24, 2023| Room 40904, Geiwi-Turm (9th floor) and online | 3:15-4:45 pm 

ZIAS-Lecture Series - Inside Mountains: Material Extractions & Mythical Exploits in the Americas

April 20, 6 pm, HS 2 | April 27, 6 pm, HS 2 | May 11, 6 pm, HS 2 | May 22, 10:15 am, 50109/3 SR | June 5, 6 pm, HS 2

Welcome to Visiting Professor Dr. Phillip J. Ardoin

The Department of American Studies is thrilled to welcome Dr. Phillip J. Ardoin (Appalachian State University) as a visiting professor during the spring/summer semester 2023.

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