Workshop: Queer Narratives of Exile, Travel, and Mobility

This one-day workshop, which is organized by Benjamin Robbins (Department of American Studies, project leader of “Networked Narratives”), will focus on the representation of LGBTQ+ people and other marginalized groups in literary and filmic works concerned with exile, migration, and transnational movement.

 June 06, 2024| Claudiana | 9:15- 17:00 | registration needed:  | free admission 


The Department of American Studies wishes you an enjoyable semester break!

StV Event for First Semester Students

Join the StV to start off your semester equipped with all the necessary information about your studies. Representatives of the Department of American Studies and the Department of English will also be there to answer your questions.

Mar. 6, 2024| HS 5 | 17:15 

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