10 December 2021


Third party litigation funding – a necessity or deterrence of Justice?  


Keynote Address:

Need for and the Challenges of collective redress

Prof. Judith Resnik | Yale Law School 


Time: 2:15 pm

Place: online event via Zoom


organized by:

Austrian Hub of the ELI



Univ.-Prof. Dr. Susanne Augenhofer, LL.M. (Yale)







Prof. Dr. Walter Doralt, Universität Graz
Co-Chair of the Austrian Hub (ELI)
2:30pm Introduction to Directive 2020/1828
Prof. Dr. Susanne Augenhofer, LL.M. (Yale)
University of Innsbruck
2:45pm The need for and the challenges of collective redress
  Prof. Judith Resnik, Yale Law School
3:15-3:30pm coffee break

Third party litigation under Directive 2020/1828
Prof. Dr. Astrid Stadler, University of Konstanz

4:00-5:00pm Third party litigation in practice
Dr. Wolf v. Bernuth, Hausfeld
Dr. Alexander Klauser, bkp Rechtsanwälte
5:00-5:15pm coffee break


Roundtable with stakeholders
Sabine Eichner, Omni Bridgeway
Dr. Petra Leupold, LL.M. (UCLA), VKI/Universität Linz
Augusta Maciuleviciute, BEUC
Prof. Giorgio Monti, Tilburg Law School/EUI
Malgorzata Posnow-Wurm, EC, DG Justice and Consumers
Prof. Maya Steinitz, University of Iowa College of Law




















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