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Participant confirmation and hygiene recommendation

Safety and health documentation

Organizational unit: University of Innsbruck
Target group: Event visitors

Health and Safety recommendations for event visitors (COVID-19)

Information for entering the facility

Basically, the existing protective measures (personal, organizational and technical) regarding safety and health of the University of Innsbruck must be observed and implemented (e.g. safety precautions and hygiene regulations, etc.)!

Due to special circumstances, the following additional rules for behavior in the area of the University of Innsbruck must now be observed:

  1. Avoid congestion upon arrival and comply with spacing requirements:
    The premises of the university are accessible according to opening hours. Taking into account the number and organizational possibilities, care must be taken to ensure that spacing requirements are met in the entrance area and that congestion is avoided.

  2. The wearing of FFPs mask is mandatory when entering or leaving the building. The FFP2 mask must be worn throughout the event, including at the seat.
    Proper donning and doffing of masks:
    • Hand hygiene
    • place the fastening straps over the ears or head without touching the mask
    • adjust the nose clip by pressing on the bridge of the nose
    • Handle and remove the mask only by the fastening straps, hand hygiene after removing the mask
  3. Traffic areas:
    After the end of the event/meeting, etc., the university building must be vacated as quickly as possible.
  4. Use elevators only individually or large elevators in pairs (FFP2 mask must be worn); if possible, mainly the stairwells should be used.
  5. Careful touching of general surfaces (e.g.: elevator panel, railings, door handles).
  6. Implementation of hand hygiene: Wash hands regularly and thoroughly with soap for at least 20 to 30 seconds; use hand protection if necessary.
  7. Avoid hand contact (shaking hands or hugging).
  8. Do not touch eyes, nose and mouth
  9. Maintain respiratory hygiene (cough and sneeze into the crook of your arm or into disposable handkerchiefs, which must be disposed of immediately after use).
  10. Premises are regularly aired

Signs of Covid-19

  If you show signs of COVID-19, please stay home and do not participate in or attend the event.

If COVID-19 symptoms appear during an event, the affected person and person(s) who have had contact with the affected person must be sent home immediately.

It must be clarified whether the person with signs of COVID-19 disease can make their way home independently.

The premises and sanitary facilities in the immediate vicinity where the ill person has been must be cleaned and disinfected.

It must be ensured that the person or the cleaning staff carrying out the cleaning and disinfection is equipped with effective protective equipment (safety goggles, protective mask, long-sleeved work clothes, protective gloves, closed shoes).

The official regulations concerning the locking and closing of certain rooms must be observed!

Procedure in case of a Covid-19 disease or suspected case

Basic information 

If a person is suspected of a COVID-19 infection, the affected person must call the 1450 hotline and await information from the health department so that further action can be coordinated.

Obligation to report

Persons infected with COVID-19 or persons suspected of being infected with COVID-19 must immediately inform the organizer or the University of Innsbruck (, phone: 0512 507 2007) and the occupational physician of the University of Innsbruck (, phone 0512 507 21006) if they test positive.

Coronavirus: Minimize risks!

General measures »


Proper hand washing with soap and water


Contact HOTLINE 1450 if you notice symptoms such as fever, cough, headache, diarrhea, or loss of sense of smell/taste


Cover mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing


Contact with people showing flu symptoms,
avoid if possible


When entering public places in enclosed spaces, it is mandatory to wear a mouth-nose protection.

Proper hand washing with soap and water »

Duration: 40 - 60 seconds

1. 01 washing hands

Moisten hands.

2. 02 hand hygene

Cover all hand surfaces with sufficient soap.

3. 03 washing hands

Rub palms together.

4. 04 washing hands

Right palm over left back of hand with fingers interlaced and vice versa.

5. 05 washing hands

Rub palms together with interlocked finders.

6. 06 washing hands

Interlace fingers set up and rub palms together.

7. 07 washing hands

Enclose both thumbs and rub in a circular motion.

8. 08 washing hands

Rotating rubbing, back and forth, with fingers up.

9. 09 washing hands

Rinse hands thoroughly with water.

10. 10 washing hands

Dry hands thoroughly with a disposable towel.

11. 11 hand dryer

Alternatively, air dry hands thoroughly.

12. 12 washing hands

Your hands are safe now.


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Dienstleistungseinheit für Sicherheit und Gesundheit



Entry into Austria

"The cornerstone of the COVID-19-Einreiseverordnung 2021 (COVID-19 Entry Regulation 2021) is the focus on 3 means of verification that you are not infected: for all types of entry into the country, evidence of a vaccination, a current test, or recovery from COVID-19 is required. This also includes the EU Digital COVID Certificates, which contain an EU-compliant QR code. As evidence of vaccination, all of the vaccines which have been authorised by the EMA or have successfully passed the evaluation process of the WHO are recognised. Stricter rules apply to entry from so-called virus variant regions and states." (Link)

You can find further information on the following websites:

  • Entry into Austria and pre-travel clearance (by the Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection)
  • Entry regulations for Austria (by Österreich Werbung Vienna)
  • Re-open EU: Re-open EU provides information on the various measures in place, including on quarantine and testing requirements for travellers, the EU Digital COVID certificate to help you exercise your right to free movement, and mobile coronavirus contact tracing and warning apps. The information is updated frequently and available in 24 languages. This should help you plan your travel in Europe, while staying safe and healthy.


General Coronavirus measures in Austria

The following rules went into effect on 15 September:

  • Antigen tests only valid for 24 h as entry tests for restaurants, hotels etc. (this does not apply to entering the country)
  • FFP2 masks (instead of regular face masks) required for everyone on public transport, in cable cars, and essential businesses such as supermarkets, chemists, petrol stations, banks
  • FFP2 masks required in all shops and museums for those that are not vaccinated or have recovered from COVID
  • Proof of vaccination, past infection, or negative test required for events and gatherings of 25 people and more (Source: Österreich Werbung Vienna)

Further information can be found on the following websites:



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