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Innsbruck, a famously splendid and beautifully picturesque alpine city welcomes participants and guests of TRANSLATA IV. Innsbruck is a city for all - university, culture, fairs, sport (twice host to the Winter Olympics). Come and experience this gem of alpine tourism with its unique Tyrolean hospitality.

From the time of the construction of the bridge across the river Inn, "Ynsprugg", to the multifaceted flair of the regional capital today, Innsbruck has over 800 years of eventful history to delve into. The former ruling Habsburg family fell in love with the city and made Innsbruck a place of residence. Renowned artists soon followed in their footsteps and every important era representing gothic, baroque, renaissance and the imperial and royal monarchy invites visitors to embark on a journey into the past. Of course, there are other reasons to come to Innsbruck too – the variety and diversity of such a unique city for a start. A city which is home to treasures of art and is famous for its "Goldenes Dachl" (Golden Roof), the "Schwarzen Mander" (Bronze Statues), the “Kaiserliche Hofburg” (Imperial Palace) and “Schloss Ambras” (Ambras Castle).The city of Innsbruck has been a two-time host to the Winter Olympics and there are numerous sports facilities available for competitive or hobby sports people and alpine tourists alike. Breathtaking scenery with snow-topped alpine peaks and the emerald green River Inn make Innsbruck an all-year round attraction for international visitors and holiday-makers.In its more than 340 years of eventful history, the University of Innsbruck has always been a pillar of Tyrolean society, economy and politics. This has considerably characterised the image of Innsbruck nowadays as a university city and international congress venue. The Department of Translation Studies at the Leopold-Franzens University in Innsbruck can look back at almost 70 years of history and belongs to one of the oldest institutes for translation and interpretation studies in Europe. For more than a decade, our department has offered an international translation and interpretation studies forum for discussion through a series of international lectures on translation studies, the international conference series TRANSLATA, as well as the SummerTrans summer schools established in 2004.

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