Poster PubQuiz

Hey physics students!

If you have never been to a pub quiz before, this is your chance! Grab up to 5 friends, pick a team name and register now for a fun-filled evening.

As a final surprise, we will present a new project devised for you!

Alternative attendance motivation: free snacks and drinks!

  Sign me up!

3G rule will be checked before entering the event. Max. number of  participants: 60

Prizes: vouchers for the 9b restaurant at the Technik Campus

  • 1st winner team: 5 vouchers of 20 €
  • 2nd winner team: 5 vouchers of 10 €
  • Prize for best team name: 5 vouchers of 5 €

Organized by: NYSE, STV Physik

Sponsored by: SFB BeyondC

Illustrations: Janna Sophia & Alex Rommel

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