Past Events

Student & PhD Meet Up

Chatting people

Hey physics students!

This is your chance to get to know the research groups in physics at UIBK! Grab your friends for a fun-filled evening, chatting with PhD-students.

Alternative attendance motivation: free snacks and drinks!



Organized by: NYSE, STV Physik

Sponsored by: SFB BeyondC

NYSE job!

In this lecture series, we want to introduced jobs for physicists in industry. Our guests talked about their career path and current work, to give their perspective on their work life. 

16th November

Software Engineering and Security: An exciting combo
  Alex Pirker

From quantum machine learning to software consulting
  Katja Ried

23th November

Being a physicist and a patent attorney
  Katharina Schwaiger

Let those bytes speak up!
  Walter Boyajian

30th November

Data science of a digital ski coach
  Sam van den Brink

Quantum machine learning at Terra Quantum
  Alexey Melnikov

7th December

Working as a physicist in the world of economics and application development
  Maike Schön

From Science to Data Science in 5 Steps
  David Sauerwein

Organized by: NYSE

Sponsored by: SFB BeyondC



Poster PubQuiz

Hey physics students!

If you have never been to a pub quiz before, this is your chance! Grab up to 5 friends, pick a team name and register now for a fun-filled evening.

As a final surprise, we will present a new project devised for you!

Alternative attendance motivation: free snacks and drinks!

  Sign me up!

3G rule will be checked before entering the event. Max. number of  participants: 60

Prizes: vouchers for the 9b restaurant at the Technik Campus

  • 1st winner team: 5 vouchers of 20 €
  • 2nd winner team: 5 vouchers of 10 €
  • Prize for best team name: 5 vouchers of 5 €

Organized by: NYSE, STV Physik

Sponsored by: SFB BeyondC

Illustrations: Janna Sophia & Alex Rommel

NYSE to meet you - Lecture Series!

In this lecture series, we introduced current research topics. We presented quantum computers, how they are theoretically studied and experimentally implemented. You could learn about stellar evolution and spin waves. We also had to two special talks about different ways of communicating science.

Download the slides for the SciComm talk here.

4th November

Vom BSc zum PhD. Wieso wir mit Lasern auf Atome schießen
  Isabella Fritsche

Seeker -- The Universe in a Card Game
  Hendrik Poulsen Nautrup

11th November

What are spin waves?
  Silvia Casulleras

Unraveling the mysteries of early stellar evolution with Asteroseismology
  Thomas Steindl

9th December (online)

From complexity to order: a tale of self-ordering phenomena around us
  Elvia Colella

Molecular Quantum Simulators
  Krzysztof Zamarski

16th December (online)

The science of communicating science
  Fulvio Flamini

Starting a scientific career: motivations and goals
  Andrea López Incera

Organized by: NYSE

Sponsored by: SFB BeyondC


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