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In this lecture series, we want to introduce you to current research topics. We will present quantum computers, how they are theoretically studied and experimentally implemented. You will learn about stellar evolution and spin waves. We have two special talks planned that will present different ways of communicating science.

Due to the current COVID situation, talks will be held ONLINE (link below) from now on. The last two sessions are shifted to the 9th and 16th December, to avoid collisions with your exams. We hope that you can all attend!

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Event will be held online on 9th and 16th December. Everyone is welcome!

4th November

Vom BSc zum PhD. Wieso wir mit Lasern auf Atome schießen
  Isabella Fritsche

Seeker -- The Universe in a Card Game
  Hendrik Poulsen Nautrup

11th November

What are spin waves?
  Silvia Casulleras

Unraveling the mysteries of early stellar evolution with Asteroseismology
  Thomas Steindl

9th December (online)

From complexity to order: a tale of self-ordering phenomena around us
  Elvia Colella

Molecular Quantum Simulators
  Krzysztof Zamarski

16th December (online)

The science of communicating science
  Fulvio Flamini

Starting a scientific career: motivations and goals
  Andrea López Incera

Organized by: NYSE

Sponsored by: SFB BeyondC

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