The research at the Institute focuses on fundamental physico-chemical principles and mechanisms, and also on process engineering and development with industry partners. The themes are:

    • Chemical separation and recovery of textile fibres
    • Surface functionalization of fibres
    • Fibre research, cellulose and other polysaccharides
    • Interaction fibres / dyes / additives
    • Applied electrochemistry and textile dyeing processing
    • Natural colorants
    • Reactive coatings / Sol-gel coatings
    • Formaldehyde free crosslinkers
    • Textile and fibre reinforced composites
    • Integration of functionalities into textile/material structures
    • Conductive coatings
    • Textile based energy storage systems
    • The institute hosts the Core Facility  “Interface in Hybrid Systems”
    • It is also listed as Advanced Technology for Industry (ATI) Technology Centre
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