The History of the Institute:

The institute was founded in 1982 as a scientific institute of the University of Innsbruck to increase the research and development activities in this important industrial field. It is situated in Vorarlberg, where a main part of the Austrian textile industry is located, about 180 km from the University at Innsbruck.

Founding Members:

  • Federal Ministry of Science and Research
  • Federal Ministry of Education and Art
  • Provincial government of Vorarlberg
  • Association for the Support of the Research and Development in the Textile Industry - Vorarlberg (Textilverein)
  • o.Univ.Prof. Dr. Ortwin Bobleter (appointed as first head of the institute)

In 1989 our institute moved from the original site on the Achstrasse to the new building of the HTL-Textil where an area of 500m² has been planned and equipped especially for the requirements of scientific work.

In 1998 Univ.-Prof. Thomas Bechtold was appointed as new head of the institute.

Since 1999 the institute is a regular institute according UOG 93. In addition to the basic scientific research and industrial research projects, lectures in the field of textile chemistry, textile physics and applied chemistry are offered at the University of Innsbruck.

With the appointment of Univ. Prof. Tung Pham to the BMK endowed chair in 2016, the research competences of the institute are broadened in both basic and applied research. Apart from the existing, very strong research areas in textile chemistry and technology, additional research fields in technical textiles, textile composites and polymer materials are established.

Beginning 2018, the infrastructure of our institute was expanded to an additional building with about 1000 m2 of office and laboratory space, including an application hall, at Rundfunkplatz 4.

In 2018 Univ.-Prof. Tung Pham is appointed as new head of the institute.

In 2022 we celebrate the 40th anniversary of our institute!


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