EmbelRed | Embroidered electrodes for the fundamental understanding of redox flow cells - Gestickte Elektroden in elektrochemischen Zellen 


Funding agency:
Austrian Science Fund (FWF)

Project number:
T-1041 Firnberg-Programm

Principal Investigator:
Noemí Aguiló Aguayo

Host Institution:
Research Institute of Textile Chemistry and Textile Physics of the University of Innsbruck

2018/10/01 - 2022/09/30

Funding amount:
234 210 €

The use of intermittent renewable energy systems like solar and wind power in the electrical grid requires efficient energy storage systems to become viable. Redox Flow Batteries (RFBs) are a promising alternative for a safe, sustainable and cost-effective renewable storage energy system. The performance of the RFB systems depends on the operating conditions and characteristics of the cell (key components materials). Most of the existing analyses are obtained from RFBs with carbon-based electrodes, such as graphite felts or carbon paper, mainly due to their availability. The complexities of their morphological characteristics and the spatial distribution of properties make very difficult the detailed investigation of the physical and chemical processes occurring at the electrode surface. A new systematic approach combining empirical results with fundamental theory and formulation of models is required. We intend to fill this need with the means of a new technology that allows the fabrication of flexible customized electrodes based on technical embroidery to produce electrode geometries from simple (e.g. a grid made of conductive wires) to more complex patterns (e.g. a grid composed of multiple layers of varying patterns), as well as combinations of conductive wires with non-conductive yarns).
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