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Texible GmbH (Thomas Fröis)

The recently founded Texible GmbH is a spin-off resulting from the joint activities of the Smart Embroideries Group Vorarlberg with the Research Studio Smart Technical Embroideries (national FFG-project). Texible will serve as a technology company for integration of functional embroideries into technical products. Examples are sensor textiles for care, pressure sensitive textile structures and embroidered current collectors for batteries and flow cells. Thus Texible will provide the applicant with appropriate designed electrode structures for the systematic work planned in the present project.


V-trion GmbH (Enrico Grabher)

V-trion textile research GmbH, established in Hohenems (Austria) is a non-profit and non-university research institution. It is one of the members of Austrian Cooperative Research (ACR) and Austrian nanoNet society. Scientific focus includes plasma technology, polymer, biopolymers and biotechnology (enzyme) for surface modification of both flexible and rigid materials such as woven and nonwoven textiles, plastics, fleeces, metal, paper and foils for the application in out-door, indoor, medical, electronic devices, filters, composite for automotive, aerospace, marine and construction industries. Besides the V-trion’s surface modification, TFP by high-tech knitting and embroidery technique applying conductive and non conductive fibre/yarn/ roving for smart-textile, electronic and composite application will form the technical backbone for manufacturing of embroidered electrodes, in cooperation with Texible.


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