Personal Information of Johannes Hoff

Johannes Hoff is since September 1, 2020 Professor for Christian Doctrine at the Institute for Systematic Theology of the Catholic Theological Faculty in Innsbruck. He is also Senior Research Associate at the van Hügel Institute of the University of Cambridge and Honorary Professor at the University of Durham. Previously, he was Professor of Philosophical Theology at Heythrop College, University of London and Saint David's College, University of Wales, and Assistant Professor at the Chair of Fundamental Theology at the Eberhard-Karl's-University Tübingen. Hoff was born in 1962 in Trier as the son of the church musician Josef Hoff and his wife Gisela Hoff and is married to the business information scientist Professor Sarah Spiekermann-Hoff.

In his research and teaching, Johannes Hoff plans to introduce students and colleagues to the paradigm shift in Anglo-American Ressourcement theology of the past 30 years. Along with this project, he aims to prepare them for the historically unprecedented break of the digital revolution, which has been underestimated not only by the churches and the humanities, but also by the political and civil religious leaders of our time.

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