Costs and financing

No tuition fees!

Currently only the ÖH contribution of about 20 € per semester has to be paid (you can find the exact amount here...). There are currently no tuition fees. However, if the standard period of study is exceeded by two semesters, a tuition fee must be paid. Further information on the ÖH contribution   

In addition, there are general expenses for studying, such as books, but they can also be borrowed in the library.

Innsbruck's housing market

As in almost all student cities, rents in Innsbruck are considered high. But cheap shared rooms are already available for around 350 €. In order to get one of these, you should look around the housing market early. Many flat-sharing rooms, garconeire and apartments, for example, are advertised on the ÖH exchange   .

Study and work

Experience has shown that many students from our Master's programmes have at least a minor occupation. Our institutes also regularly advertise positions for student employees, which are often the gateway to later dissertation positions and an academic career.

Scholarships and support programs

The University of Innsbruck also offers various scholarship programs. Further information on the next application deadlines and requirements can be found, for example, on the homepage of the Fakultäten Servicestelle  .

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