Ben LanyonBen Lanyon

Senior Scientist,
Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information

PhD 2009, University of Queensland, Australia

Ben Lanyon's research is focused on investiging quantum phenomena in distributed and many-body systems, and their implications for science and technology. The aim is to access new experimental regimes where quantum information and correlations can between distributed between large numbers and different kinds of quantum systems, over arbitrary distances. The experimental approach is to develop techniques to interface light (photons) with the quantum states of matter (trapped atomic ions) and use them to build light-matter quantum networks.

Ben currently leads two distinct research projects on these topics. The first aims to realise a technique to broadly modify the frequencies of single photons emitted and absorbed by trapped ions: from their natural values, to those that are optimal for quantum networking. The second project aims to build a three-node ion-trap quantum network here in Innsbruck, distributed between the IQOQI building and University of Innsbruck’s experimental physics building. 



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