Helmut Ritschh_ritsch

Professor of Theoretical Physics
PhD 1989, University of Innsbruck



Helmut's Ritsch research is focused on cavity QED with cold quantum particles ranging from degenerate quantum gases of atoms and molecules, spin ensembles in cooled solids to nanoparticles coupled high Q resonator fields. In this strongly correlated nonlinear particle-field dynamics the field controlls the particles internal and external dynamics in a well designable way, while at the same time the particles significantly change the field evolution.
This opens the door for studying fundamental questions of quantum physics at the borderline between quantum optics, quantum information science and condensed matter physics. In particular questions of quantum limits of measurements and the properties of mesosscopic quantum superpostions can be studied in such configurations. Ultracold particles moving in the optical lattice potential of a quantized field undergo a quantum phase transition from a homogenoeus superfluid to an ordered crystal with supersolid properties. The cavity mediated long range interactions allow to create long range correlations as well as collective excitations and entanglement in optical lattices and has great potential for now cooling scheme for molecules and nanoparticles towards the qunatum regime. 
With his team at the Theoretical Physics institute, Professor Ritsch is currently extending the theoretical models to more realistically describe these systems. In parallel his team develops highly memory and time efficient object oriented numerical codes to extend time dependent quantum simulations to larger system sizes.


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