Prof. Dr. Julia Hautz

Julia Hautz

Professor of Strategic Management

  +43 (0) 512 507 72313

  SOWI w.4.56

 appointments via e-mail


  Research Interests

  • Corporate Strategies: Product Diversification and International Diversification - Relationships and Context
  • Opening of Innovation- and Strategy Processes - Open Innovation / Open Strategy
  • Online Communities: User Roles, Interactions and Exchanges from a Social Network Perspective
  • Quantitative Methods

  Selected Publications

  • CEIPEK, R.; HAUTZ, J.; MATZLER, K.; DEMASSIS, A.; ARDITO, L. (2020): Digital Transformation through Exploratory and Exploitative Internet of Things Innovations: The Impact of Family Management and Technological Diversification, Journal of Product Innovation Management, Special Issue: Digital Transformation and Innovation Management: Opening Up the Black Box.
  • CEIPEK, R.; HAUTZ, J.; MATZLER, K.; DEMASSIS, A.; PETRUZZELLI, A. (2020): Developing Internet of Things technologies for business digitalization: The impact of prior economic performance and board capital, Long Range Planning, Special Issue: Strategizing in a digital world: Implications for strategy process, content and context.
  • CEIPEK, R.; HAUTZ, J.; MAYER, M.; MATZLER, K. (2019): Technological Diversification: A Systematic Review of Antecedents, Outcomes and Moderators, International Journal of Management Reviews. 21/4. pp 466-497.
  • STADLER, C.; MAYER, M.; HAUTZ, J.; MATZLER, K. (2018): International and Product Diversification: Which Strategy Suits Family Managers? Special Issue: Family Firms and Family Governed Multinationals in the Global Economy, Global Strategy Journal. 8/1, pp. 184 – 207.
  • HAUTZ, J., SEIDL, D. & WHITTINGTON, R. (2017), Open strategy: dimensions, dilemmas, dynamics. Long Range Planning. 50/3, pp. 298-309.
  • HAUTZ, J.: (2017): Opening up the Strategy Process–Network Perspective. Management Decision, 55/9, pp.1956-1983.
  • FÜLLER, J.; HUTTER, K.; HAUTZ, J.; MATZLER, K. (2017): The role of professionalism in innovation contest communities. Long Range Planning. 50/2, pp. 243-259.
  • HAUSER, F.; HAUTZ, J.; HUTTER, K.; FÜLLER, J.; (2017): Firestorms: Modelling conflict diffusion and management strategies in online communities. Journal of Strategic Information Systems, 26/4, pp. 285-321.
  • MAYER, M.; HAUTZ, J.; STADLER, C.; WHITTINGTON, R. (2017): Diversification and Internationalization in the European Single Market: The British Exception. Business History Review. 91/2, pp. 279-299.
  • MAYER, M.; HAUTZ, J.; STADLER, C. (2015): The relationship between product and international diversification: the role of experience, Strategic Management Journal, 36/10, pp.1458-1468.
  • Stadler, C.; Mayer, M.; Hautz, J. (2015): Few Companies Actually Succeed at Going Global. Harvard Business Review


  • 2015: The Journal of Interactive Marketing Best Paper Award 2015
  • 2012: The Tudor Rickards and Susan Moger Best Paper Award 2012, Creativity and Innovation Management
  • 2011: Finalist Best Conference Paper Award, Strategic Management Society, Miami, USA
  • 2011: Award of the City of Innsbruck for excellent Academic Research
  • 2011: Promotion sub auspiciis praesidentis rei publicae (10.03.2011)
  • 2010: Appraisal Award 2010 of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research for exceptional dissertations
  • 2009: Best Student Paper Award: The 2nd ISPIM Innovation Symposium, New York City,
  • 2008: Appraisal Award 2008 of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research for excellent diploma theses

  Work / Project Experience

  • 2014: Visiting Scholar, Said  Business School, Oxford University 
  • 2010-2012: Post-Doc, Department for Strategic Management, University of Innsbruck
  • 2009 -2010: Recipient of an DOC-fellowship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences Department for Strategic Management, University of Innsbruck
  • 2009: Visiting Scholar, School of Management, University of Bath, UK
  • 2008 -2009: Research Assistant, Department for Strategic Management, University of Innsbruck
  • 2007: Junior Controlling Managerin. "Business Planning & Analysis", Sandoz GmbH, Kundl
  • 2006: Internship “Siemens Corporate Supply & Procurment ”, Munich


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