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Julia Hautz

Professor of Strategic Management

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In their new book, Christian Stadler, Julia Hautz, Kurt Matzler and Stephan Friedrich von den Eichen explore how opening your strategy will help you to generate new ideas and mobilize everyone around them.



Open Strategy



  • Corporate Strategies: Product Diversification and International Diversification - Relationships and Context
  • Öffnung von Innovations- und Strategieprozessen - Open Innovation / Open strategy
  • Online Communities: User Roles, Interactions and Exchanges from a Social Network Perspective
  • Quantitative Methods

  ausgewählte Publikationen

  • GUSENBAUER, M.; SCHWEIGER, N.; MATZLER, K.; HAUTZ, J. (2023): Innovation Through Tradition: The Role of Past Knowledge for Successful Innovations in Family and Non-family Firms, Family Business Review.

  • STADLER, C.; HAUTZ, J.; MATZLER, K.; VON DEN EICHEN, S. F. (2022): Open Up Your Strategy, MIT Sloan Management Review, 60/2, pp.1-6.

  • PANDZA, K.; WHITTINGTON, R.; HAUTZ, J. (2022): In Praise of Fractionated Trading Zones: Respectful Partnerships in Management Innovation, Strategic Management Review, 3/1, pp. 169-185. 

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  • CEIPEK, R.; HAUTZ, J.; MATZLER, K.; DEMASSIS, A.; ARDITO, L. (2020): Digital Transformation through Exploratory and Exploitative Internet of Things Innovations: The Impact of Family Management and Technological Diversification, Journal of Product Innovation Management, Special Issue: Digital Transformation and Innovation Management: Opening Up the Black Box.
  • CEIPEK, R.; HAUTZ, J.; MATZLER, K.; DEMASSIS, A.; PETRUZZELLI, A. (2020): A Motivation and Ability Perspective on Engagement in Emerging Digital Technologies: The Case of Internet of Things Solutions, Long Range Planning, Special Issue: Strategizing in a digital world: Implications for strategy process, content and context.

  • CEIPEK, R.; HAUTZ, J.; MAYER, M.; MATZLER, K. (2019): Technological Diversification: A Systematic Review of Antecedents, Outcomes and Moderators, International Journal of Management Reviews. 21/4. pp 466-497.
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  • Stadler, C.; Mayer, M.; Hautz, J. (2015): Few Companies Actually Succeed at Going Global. Harvard Business Review

  Preise und Auszeichnungen

  • 2021: Nomination for the Thinkers50 Distinguished Achievement Award

  • 2015: The Journal of Interactive Marketing Best Paper Award 2015

  • 2012: The Tudor Rickards and Susan Moger Best Paper Award 2012, Creativity and Innovation Management

  • 2011: Finalist Best Conference Paper Award, Strategic Management Society, Miami, USA

  • 2011: Award of the City of Innsbruck for excellent Academic Research

  • 2011: Promotion sub auspiciis praesidentis rei publicae (10.03.2011)

  • 2010: Appraisal Award 2010 of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research for exceptional dissertations

  • 2009: Best Student Paper Award: The 2nd ISPIM Innovation Symposium, New York City,

  • 2008: Appraisal Award 2008 of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research for excellent diploma theses

  Arbeits- und Projekterfahrung

  • 2014: Forschungsaufenthalt, Said Business School, Oxford University, UK 

  • 2010 - 2012,  Post-Doc, Institut für Strategisches Management,  Universität Innsbruck

  • 2009 - 2010, DOC-Stipendiatin der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften (ÖAW) am Institut für Strategisches Management, Universität Innsbruck

  • 2009: Visiting Scholar, School of Management, University of Bath, UK

  • 2008: Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin, Institut für Strategisches Management, Universität Innsbruck

  • 2007: Junior Controlling Managerin, Business Planning & Analysis, Sandoz GmbH, Kundl

  • 2006: Werkstudententätigkeit bei Siemens Corporate Supply and Procurement, München

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