Current Publications

  • Ceipek, R.; Hautz, J.; Mayer, M.; Matzler, K. (in press): Technological Diversification: A Systematic Review of Antecedents, Outcomes and Moderators. International Journal of Management Reviews
  • Chatterjee, S.; Matzler, K. (2019): Simple Rules for a Network Efficiency Business Model: The Case of Vizio. California Management Review, 61(2), 84-103,
  • Dao, M.-A.; Strobl, A. (2019): Exploration outcomes of M&A: the interplay between coordination mechanisms and acquisition experience. R&D Management, 49(1), 86-102,
  • Matzler, K.; Teichmann, K.; Strobl, A.; Partel, M. (2019): The effect of price on word of mouth: First time versus heavy repeat visitors. Tourism Management, 70, 453-459,



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