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10.10.2013 Sign up for Brand Venture XII with Prof. Robert V. Kozinets!

27.05.2013 Watch Marius Luedicke - as part of London's Digital Shorditch week - talk about the question of "why branding matters to start-up companies" here.

10.05.2013 Our program for our next Brand Venture XI is online. Take a look and sign up here.

06.02.2013 The pictures of Brand Venture IX with Prof. Koen Pauwels are now online on flickr. To have a look click here.

05.02.2013 Bert Walser's short video about our "Brand Camp 2" in Obergurgl are online. Have a look at it here.

16.11.2012 The Pictures and Blog Entries of Brand Venture IX with Philip Kotler are now online. You can see and download the pictures here (select picture, right click, select size, download) and read the blog here.

22.08.2012 The call for papers for the Brand Camp II is now online.

18.07.2012 The pictures of Brand Venture VIII with Prof Michael v Brück are online! to have a look click here.

21.06.2012 The Video of Brand Venture VII with Rupert Sheldrake is online! Have a look at it here.


03.05.2012 Find the newest photos of Prof. Rupert Sheldrake at Brand Venture VII here.


24.04.2012 The location for Rupert Sheldrake's lecture is: Karl-Rahner-Platz 3, 2. Floor, Theology Building.


01.02.2012 The newspaper "Salzburger Nachrichten" quotes Marius Lüdicke on the Schlecker relaunch.


23.01.2012 The local newspaper "Tiroler Tageszeitung" published an article about our last Brand Venture with Diego Rinallo and his magical approach to marketing.


10.01.2012 Prof. Dr. Heiko Hosomi Spitzeck begins his Research Visit at our Department today with a presentation on “Developing Humanism in Management” at our Brown Bag Talk. He will be available at our Department for further discussion until January 20th.


08.11.2011 Marius Lüdicke receives the Appreciation Award 2011 of Innsbruck for his research on “Consumer Identity Work as Moral Protagonism: How Myth and Ideology Animate a Brand-Mediated Moral Conflict”.


20.09. 2011 Our Program "Inspirations Winter 2011-12" is ready for download. Mark the dates Oct. 20/21 and Jan. 12/13 in your calendars for visiting Brand Ventures V (on subcultures) and VI (on brand magic) and send us the registration card.


16.06. 2011 Congratulations! The French team of ESSEC Business School won the finals of the Swarovski Brand Atelier Case Study Competition at Wattens, Austria.


20.05.2011 "Hello World" - The Brand Lab postet its first facebook news entry here.


19.05.2011 Brand Venture III with Gerard Tellis inspired to rethink online communications. In his lecture and workshop Gerry explained the significance of online chatter for branding and how it affects short-term stock price


11.04.2011 The new Flyer "Inspirations 2011" is ready for download. We will also send it out to friends later this week. Please sign-up for the Summer Brand Ventures (III and IV) using the pdf Registration form.


22.03.2011 The Innsbruck marketers and the Brand Lab organizers send a warm "thank you" to Chris Long for his charming comments on Brand Camp 1. 


16.03.2011 Dear European Students: Thank you for submitting your applications for the first Swarovski Brand Atelier Case Study Competition. We have (until today 8:30h) received applications of 50 European teams.


09.03.2011 One week after Brand Camp 1 we have put some pictures online. Please send us your pics for a cocreated visual documentation of this fabulous and inspiring mountain camp.


01.03.2011, 08:13h Morning Greetings from day 2 of Brand Camp 1 at Obergurgl. We are looking forward to four plenary discussions in the morning, and seven inspiring talks in two parallel sessions in the afternoon. The morning Sun is shining on the slopes...

Brand Camp shot 3- morning


28.02.2011, 15:54h Greetings from Brand Camp 1 at Obergurgl that has started this morning. The brand lab team and a great bunch of friends and colleagues from 10 countries discusses latest findings on brand management, "what is a brand" theories, consumers' co-creation practices, sport marketing ideas, and etc.

brand camp 1 shot

Brand Camp shot 2 - evening

18.02.2011: Our Brand Camp 1 academic conference at the Universitätszentrum Obergurgl is fast approaching and is - of course - booked out. The schedule and important information on arrivals, schedule, and departure are now online!


19.01.2011: We had the pleasure to listen to our Swarovski Guest Professor Eric J. Arnould developing the idea of "luxury brand legitimacy" in Brand Venture II, on January 13, 2011. Here are some pretty pictures of you at the lecture (full screen version on flickr).


04.01.2011: Take a look at the latest press release on the Brand Lab opening


07.12.2010: We have uploaded the most beautiful pictures (full screen view) of the grand opening ceremony. Take a look...




06.12.2010: Our Brand Lab Clip is now online (see above). Thanks to Christian Bach of RF&B Brand Communications, Innsbruck, for this creation.


04.12.2010: Dear friends and colleagues, the "University of Innsbruck - Brand Research Laboratory" is now officially up and running. Thank you all for participating in the Grand Opening Ceremony on last Thursday with Swarovski Guest Professor Sidney J. Levy. We expected 120 guest and welcomed 160. We are looking forward to the next event. Check out the pictures here.


22.10.2010: The Workshop for Brand Venture 1 is now fully booked. Confirmation letters will be sent around soon. The Brand Camp 1 reviews is completed as well. We are looking forward to two fabulous and inspiring events with a bunch of great colleagues!


14.10.2010: Invitations for our Brand Lab Grand Opening on Dec. 2nd, 18h, with Prof. Levy's Lecture on "Researching the Brand" are out. Find more information here and the registration card here. This is a public lecture. Please feel free to come and bring friends that are interested in brands.


07.10.2010: Reinhard's call for participation in the "Brand Camp" Mountain Meeting (Feb 27 - March 2, 2011) is out.

Clip: RF&B // Brand Communication

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