The Research Area Scientific Computing fosters research guided teaching and promotes young researchers as well as the development of high-quality, well structured masters and doctoral programmes.

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 - Lecture on Parallel Systems, Winter Term 2016/17, LVA 703650 by Prof. Thomas Fahringer

Parallel processing has matured to the point where ist has begun to make a considerable impact on the computer marketplace. The ultimate efficiency in parallel systems is to achieve a computation speedup factor of p with p processors.

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Although often this ideal cannot be achieved, some speedup is generally possible by using a multiprocessor architecture. The actual speed gain depends on the system's architecture and the algorithm run on it. This course serves as an introduction to the area of parallel systems with a special focus on programming for parallel architectures. Basic concepts and important techniques will be presented. The major approaches to parallel programming, including shared-memory multiprocessing and message-passing, will be covered in detail. Students will gain programming experience in each of these paradigms through an accompanying laboratory. Architectural considerations, parallelization techniques, program analysis, and measures of performance will be covered. We will not follow any particular text through out the entire class. In stead, we will use several text books as the general guideline of the lecture covering both basic concepts and programming skills.

As part of this lecture we thus offer an introduction to most important basic concepts of parallel processing which is crucial know-how needed to deal with basically any new computer put on the market. This course is designed for all graduate students interested in parallel processing and high performance computing.



DK CIM Retreat

Exchange of the research of the PhD students participating in the DK CIM.

At the DK CIM Retreat the Ph.D. students present their work in form of oral presentations and poster sessions. During these presentations all participants support the scientific work of their fellow Ph.D. students by critically analysing the present state of their research, as well as by discussing future directions. Such discussions help to develop new project ideas and form collaborations. The faculty members give the students feedback on their overall progress. In addition a meeting of the faculty members and the students is held to discuss the progress of the programme.

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DK CIM Winterschool

The DK CIM Winterschool takes place every year to present and discuss ongoing research in cooperation with other universities, other graduate programmes and industry representatives with an interdisciplinary focus. The Ph.D. students present their projects and discuss them with the audience. Complementary topics are presented by external speakers. Graduates of the DK CIM are invited to attend. The DK CIM Winterschool is a great opportunity to socialse, to improve presentation skills, to support network activities and to trigger joint projects between Ph.D. students. The students present their work in a way that both, application and method groups, are given the opportunity to bring in their ideas for enhancing the scientific output.

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HPC Seminar

The HPC seminar is an interdisciplinary get-together where the members of the Research Area Scientific Computing hold scientific presentations about recent research and results concerning the field of high performance computing. The talks contain both, a scientific and a technical component, in order to foster exchange between researchers from different fields. The seminar represents both an opportunity for the involved research groups to exchange their experience on working with the high performance computing facilities as well as  a platform for research guided teaching for advanced master's or PhD students. All users of the Research Area's HPC infrastructure  as well as students (both master and PhD) intending to work in the field of high performance computing are invited to take part and/or present their work. The seminar has been a regular event since 2005 and is planned again for 2016/17.



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