flash fiction - rules & guidelines

  • Submit your work by Sunday, December 18th, 12:00 midnight CET. Include a cover page and an introductory note summarising in a short paragraph the main message of your text and the motivation to engage with the topic.
  • Entries must be either in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian or German as a second language.
  • Native or bilingual speakers are welcome to submit entries in the language of their choice. However, in case of a tie, those who have submitted their work in a second language will be given priority (Please note that first language(s) should be indicated clearly in the entry form).
  • Three elements should be included in each story: a (brief) reference to your field of studies, to the notion of home and to future living, working and learning spaces. A title is also necessary.
  • All entries must be formatted as a single-spaced document and submitted in PDF. To standardise entries and ensure equal treatment, please use Arial, 12pt font and adhere to the 1,001-word limit (excluding the title).
  • All entries must be the work of the person entering and must not have been published anywhere online (including blogs and websites) or accepted for publication elsewhere. The copyright remains with the author.
  • Entries will not be eligible where the writer is part of the judging process or a close family member or relative of any such person.
  • Please send your work in a file named with the title of your story in PDF by the closing date.
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