about the competition

The competition is organised by the Department of English, in collaboration with the Department of Romance Studies.

Interplay is a foreign language competition calling for entries in four languages and prizes for the best entries in each language, aiming to encourage multilingualism and creative writing in some of the languages taught in different study programmes at the University of Innsbruck.

The overall aim is to encourage creative expression on current issues, engage the academic community, and showcase student talent through exceptional works written by the students of all the faculties of the University of Innsbruck. Every student can have the chance to express themselves through fiction and send powerful messages.

The best flash fiction entry in each language will be awarded a monetary prize of EUR 200.

A certificate of attainment and book sets will be awarded to additional distinguished writers.


Awards ceremony and public reading in June 2024 (time and venue TBA)


winning entries 2023


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      English 1st prize

Assuming Power  –  Laura Kronenberg
Masterstudium Material- und Nanowissenschaften

      French 1st prize

L’ essentiel est invisible pour les yeuxx  –  Maja Klostermann
Bachelorstudium Französisch; Masterstudium Lehramt Sekundarstufe

      Italian 1st prize

La casetta dal tetto rosso  –  Isabel Paris
Lehrerinnenbildung Innsbruck; Bachelorstudium Lehramt Sekundarstufe

      Spanish 1st prize

El alma del hogar  –  Marlene Bogner
Master Translationswissenschaften- Konferenzdolmetschen

      Russian 1st prize

Дом  –  Anna Whittaker
Bachelorstudium Anglistik und Amerikanistik 



Fragments of Home  –  Markus Saurwein
Lehramt Englisch, Geschichte, Sozialkunde und politische Bildung

An Unkindness of Ravens  –  Florian Fischnaller
English, Geschichte und soziale Bildung


La Luce Oltre le Cime  –  Nicole Ghezzi


     members of the jury

Department of English

        Ulla Ratheiser, Senior Scientist, Head of Department, Literary Studies
        Helga Ramsey-Kurz, Ao. Univ.-Prof., Literary Studies
        Violet Stathopoulou-Vais, Senior Lecturer

Department of American Studies

        Eva-Maria Müller, Postdoctoral Researcher

Department of Translation Studies

        Katharina Walter, English Language Teaching and Cultural Studies

Department of Romance Studies

        Claudia Jünke, Univ.-Prof., French and Spanish Literary Studies
    Fabiola Tamara Valenzuela Eades, Spanish Language Teaching
        Claire Maillet
, French Language Teaching
        Milot Ludovic, French Language Teaching
        Serena Nacca, Italian Language Teaching
        Andrea Giuseppe Perone, Italian Language Teaching
        Mario Vincenzo Casale, Italian Language Teaching

Department of Slavonic Studies

        Gernot Howanitz, Russian Literary and Cultural Studies
        Natalia Demenkova, Russian Language Teaching


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