24. - 25. April | Tagung Gatekeeping in Science

Tagung "Gatekeeping in Science" von 24.-25. April, Dekanatssitzungssaal, Karl-Rahner-Platz 1. Organizers: Katherine Dormandy, Federica Malfatti.

Tagung Gatekeeping in Science

24.-25. April, Dekanatssitzungssaal, Karl-Rahner-Platz 1

Organizers: Katherine Dormandy, Federica Malfatti

 An international group of philosophers and psychologists will explore the topic of “gatekeeping” in science. Two ranges of questions will be addressed. First: who is entitled to decide when a claim counts as scientific? Who gets to decide which specific methods should be banned or allowed in science, and which results should count as acceptable or unacceptable? On what basis do or should such decisions be made? Second: how are scientific results best communicated to the public? What does good or effective science communication look like?



Melanie Altanian (University of Freiburg)

Claus Beisbart (University of Berne)

Jeroen de Ridder (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

Katherine Dormandy (University of Innsbruck)

Bruce Grimley (University of Central Nicaragua and Achieving Lives Ltd.)

Gerhard Mayer (Institute for Frontier Areas of Psychology and Mental Health)

Phil Parker (Phil Parker Training Institute)

Raimund Pils (University of Salzburg)

Tanja Rechnitzer (University of Hannover)

Eric Winsberg (University of South Florida/Cambridge University)


 This is an in-person event, but it will be possible to listen to the talks online. To join: https://webconference.uibk.ac.at/b/joh-lsb-ira-vrg 


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