Jürgen Konzett

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Education and Scientific Career

2/04–present Associate professor at the Institute of Mineralogy and Petrography, University of Innsbruck; title of habilitation: "Transport and storage of potassium and water in the Earth's upper mantle: insights from high pressure-high temperature experiments and the study of natural mantle rocks"

9/99–1/04 Assistant professor at the Institute of Mineralogy and Petrography, University of Innsbruck

6/97-8/99 Postdoctoral associate, Geophysical Laboratory and Center for High Pressure Research, Carnegie Institution of Washington

10/92–3/97 PhD-project at the Institute of Mineralogy and Petrology, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich (ETHZ); supervisors: Alan B. Thompson, Peter Ulmer, Russell J. Sweeney, Adrian P. Jones (University College London); thesis title: "Phase relations and stability of potassium amphiboles in the Earth’s mantle. An experimental investigation and a field-based study on MARID-type xenoliths"

10/90–9/91 Research associate, Institute of Mineralogy, Petrology and Crystallography, University of Graz, Austria

10/83–8/90 undergraduate studies at the Institute of Mineralogy and Petrography, University of Innsbruck, Austria; supervisor: Prof. Georg Hoinkes (Graz). Thesis title: "Petrology of the central Schneeberg Complex and the surrounding crystalline basement, Southern Tyrol"

Scientific interests

  • The role of Ca-phosphates and silicates as carriers of phosphorus, halogens and incompatible trace elements in the upper and lower Earth’s mantle
  • The crystal chemistry of phosphorus in garnet in crustal and mantle environments
  • The role of tourmaline as carrier and storage phase for B and Li in subduction zones
  • Mechanisms and products of hydrous LILE-HFSE metasomatism in subcontinental lithospheric mantle (Kaapvaal Craton/South Africa; southeast Asian peninsula)
  • Genesis of rare metal-bearing pegmatites in the crystalline basement of the Eastern Alps


  • „Ca-phosphates in the deep Earth“; funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF, project Nr. P33124)
  • „Mineralogy and geochemistry of selected pegmatites from the Eastern Alpine crystalline basement: the composition of zircon and muscovite as potential indicators for pegmatite parent melt differentiation and pegmatite economic potential“; in collaboration with and funded by the Austrian Geological Survey
  • The role of tourmaline in the transport and storage of boron in the Earth’s crust and boron recycling in subduction zones: a contribution to our understanding of the global boron cycle“; funded by the Tyrolean Science Fund
  • Emplacement and metamorphic evolution of pegmatites in the Eastern Alpine basement of Southern Tyrol/Italy: a contribution to the understanding of pegmatite genesis and rare element enrichment in a Barrovian-type polymetamorphic environment; funded by the Tyrolean Science Fund
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