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Thermal Expansion Visualizing

TEV, a program for the determination of the thermal expansion tensor from diffraction data. For details see: Crystals 2015, 5(1), 143-153; doi:10.3390/cryst5010143


htcontrol is a software to control high-temperature single crystal XRD experiments on a STOE IPDS II or 2T diffractometer platform. A Manson SDP2210 power unit is needed as well as the ICP DAS I7019 data acquisition interface (amount of investment approx. 600 EUR). htcontrol is written in Perl and runs on a cygwin platform to be installed on the Windows10 host. Data collections are performed with Stoe's WinXpose (>=1.7.3) via the non-interactive XML interface. For details see: J. Appl. Crystallogr. 42(1), 140-142

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