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Conference abstract (only first author listed)

Angerer, T., Hagemann, S. G., Walde, D., Halverson G.P., submitted 2015. BIF chemostratigraphy in the Neoproterozoic Jacadigo Group: evidence from the Santa Cruz deposit, Brazil. Proceedings of the 13th Biennial SGA Meeting, 24–27 August 2015, Nancy, France.

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PhD thesis

Angerer, T., 2007. Fossil palaeoweathering profiles and their relation to deformation at basement-cover-interfaces, case studies from Israel, Sweden and Spain. PhD Thesis, Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg, Heidelberg, 273 pp.

Confidential reports to industry sponsors

Angerer, T., 2014. A mineral system approach to the geology of hard-rock type Titanium and Zirconium deposits, Centre for Exploration Targeting, 120 pp.

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